“Ketchup” Post.

KP3 Catching up on things:

– It was 13 C ( normally below 0 C) yesterday and between it so mild, melting,and all the rain lately most of the snow is gone now so it doesn’t look or feel Christmas-y anymore and it’s more like spring!

– My mother’s so lazy that even after 2 weeks away and doing nothing on vacation she’s STILL “tired” and naps and yesterday I still had to cook dinner as well because she went out somewhere so I’m still stuck doing her work instead of both of us dividing it up between us.

– The 17 YR old’s sick and barfing, so is it Pirate Flu( where you’re sick like a pirate with Sea Sickness who’s been at sea for months) because if so it’ll spread thru the entire house and hit all of us one by one(and it never fails: someone’s ALWAYS sick over holidays), although she also DOES barf when she’s on “Aunt Flow” (yes, weird, I know)  which she does have now(I’m also due for mine in 3 days,too,ugh)

– My old friends P (from grade 6), J(from grade 8), L(from grade 10) and M( from grade 10) have also found love late in life, after failed relationships or abusive marriages proving it’s never too late, and P’s always been pretty and popular(and she’s still now,and she never got fat either like the rest of us) but J and M have never been good looking,and J and L aren’t exactly thin yet they’ve still been able to find love( P just recently, J and M got married within the past 2 YRS after abusive marriages and being on their own for over 20 YRS,and L just met a nice guy recently after being single for over 20 YRS as well following an abusive marriage) yet they also DON’T have Asperger’s like I do,either, though, which has always put me at a disadvantage and I’ve given up on love and romance and accepted I’ll never be like other people and that some things in life just aren’t meant to happen to me.

– A Facebook friend told me when she was 11 she was raped and he shoved knives up inside her and left her to die in a pool of her own blood and she nearly did die but luckily they revived her but she’s been messed up emotionally as a result and has had several suicide attempts. That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard and anyone who does that to a child is pure evil, isn’t human,  and there’s a special place in hell reserved for monsters like that!

– Now the roofers are done the Dumpster in our driveway is gone and it was so cool seeing how they took it away: an “arm” lifted it up and over onto a flatbed truck and then they secured it on and drove off.

– I heard radio commercials from USA and a large pizza was only 5$ and here it’s 20$ or more and their monthly Internet was only 15$ and we pay 40$ for ours! We’re always getting over-charged and over paying for everything here and have to pay twice as much as everyone else! I’m so sick and tired of always being cheated and ripped off! They also said on the news the average cost of a 3 bedroom house in Toronto is now 522 000$ which is way out of our league so there’s noway we could ever afford to move back and live there again; we’d have to rent which would be a step back.

– My hubby often leaves his dirty laundry all over the floor and my mother enables him,too, by picking it up and putting it in the laundry when what she should do is what I do: just leave it there and tell HIM to toss it in the washing machine or else how else will he ever learn to pick up after himself?

– My friend from our old church’s death notice was in the local paper and it said she was 67, had 6 kids, 9 siblings, and was born in Northern Ireland. Her funeral’s also tomorrow.

– I somehow got talking to the 15 YR old and mentioned that I didn’t always look like this; I used to be thin once and wasn’t always fat, all stretched out,and have a leaking bladder, but that’s what having kids did to me; it ruined my body. I want my body back. I want my old life back. I wake up every morning dreaming of a second chance to be happy again.