This And That.

ThisAndThat– I heard on the American radio ads that they ARE allowed to actually SAY “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas” and aren’t censored by the Politically Correct police like we are here; here they’re not allowed to say it for fear it might “offend” people; we can only say “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.” Big Brother is watching you!

– The 10 YR old rushed to my bedroom door early in the morning worrying something was wrong hearing me yell “What?” (my radio went off channel) and I heard her calling outside my door and I rushed over as well, worrying that SHE was sick! We BOTH love and care about eachother! She’s my only ally in this family.

– My mother’s been extra lazy since she got back from her trip(it’s like she still thinks she’s on vacation) and doesn’t do her share of the work anymore and I’m picking up the slack and all she does is lay in bed all day and nap and she claims she’s “sick” and says she’s “declining” and, like me, she’s “ready to die.”

– My hubby snaps at me every time I ask him something,”Why do you always question me all the time?”…hmmm, how about because he betrayed me and lies all the time and I don’t trust him or believe him anymore?

-I heard on the news former PM Mulroney(who I met once) was one of few that wanted to place sanctions on South Africa in the 80’s to end the oppressive Apartheid regime and to free Nelson Mandela from prison, and even went against his own allies, incl. British PM Thatcher( who I dubbed “The Iron Maiden” and “The Dragon Lady”) so I guess he isn’t as bad as I thought; I have to give him credit and even he did something good!

– The cheap necklace my mother brought back for me from the Caribbean broke already( I only got to wear it once!) as I was doing up the clasp it just broke ; it snapped and all the beads “exploded” and scattered everywhere.Doesn’t it figure?

– I saw a former classmate of mine from my grade 10 math class on the news! They were interviewing him and I know it was him because he has both a very unusual first and last name! He’s now a psychologist with a PhD! It’s always very interesting to see how my old classmates and friends turned out  and what they’re up to now,and it’s good to see the nice ones succeed(even if I didn’t), esp. when  it seems that it’s so many of the mean, bitchy ones are the ones that succeed; the ones that don’t deserve it.

– We can’t find any of the foil-wrapped chocolates that hang on the Christmas tree this YR! Before they only ever sold them at Walmart but now even they don’t have them anymore! My friend in the UK says they sell them *everywhere* there( more of us not having things here that people can find easily elsewhere) and she’d gladly send me some but it’s too late now; they wouldn’t arrive in time as when we send cards to Europe you have to mail them in November to get them there on time as the postal service here is so bad; it sucks just like everything else in this country! Canada sucks!

-I got a wedgie in church yesterday!

– I wonder if I might even have a tumour or something in my abdomen as it always feels “full” like when you’re constipated( except I’m not) or like when you’re prego and you can feel the baby pushing up on your stomach and it’s feet are stuck under your ribs, and when I was poking around I DID feel something hard in there just above my bellybutton; it felt hard like a tennis ball or  like the top of prego uterus rising up above the bellybutton about 5-6 months along. I felt faint in church again yesterday during the kneeling part of Mass and I wonder if it’s a tumour pushing up and on my vagus nerve when I kneel or sit, dropping my BP and heart rate, making me feel faint? I’m so fat anyway though you can’t tell just  by looking if I have a tumour or not!