Q &A.

Questions 1. What do you sleep in?

– PJ bottoms and T-shirt with sweatshirt on top and socks.


2. When did you last cry?

– 2 or so weeks ago when my 19 YR old told me to go kill myself and I almost did.


3. What were you like in school?

– The “Good Girl” and studious.


4. What’s your biggest vice?

– Either chocolate or reading the gossip tabloids.


5. What is your best idea for a date?

– Walking along the beach at night.


6.My mother taught me:

– That I am worthless and unwanted and not not worthy of love.


7. Around the house I wear:

– My “grungy” clothes.


8.What’s the nicest thing you’ve done recently?

-Yesterday I tried to show my 19 YR old how to fry up this thing where you make a hole in the middle of bread and put an egg in the middle and fry it up only he kept burning his and it went all black and smoked up the entire house and he got really mad and stalked off so I felt badly for him and just ended up making it for him only without telling him and gave it to him for a surprise.


9. What do you want for Christmas?

– A Chihuahua, a hippo, and snow!


10. Which world leader most inspires you?

– Nelson Mandela.


11.Something that might surprise people about you:

– “Creepy crawlies” don’t gross me out; spiders,worms,snakes, bugs, etc. have never bothered me.


12.Something about yourself that has surprised you:

– I have been leaning towards the NDP political party for awhile now due to both the Liberals and PC parties being so corrupt and having so many scandals. The NDP are the only one left that are (so far,anyway) scandal-free.


13.Something you’ve never done:

-I’ve never gone to a spa. I’ve never had a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, waxing, etc.


14. A classic movie you’ve never seen:

“A Christmas Story.”


15. The best thing if you were rich:

– Not having to worry about money all the time; if we needed repairs we’d have the $$$$. Having $$$ for “extras” and not having to always buy everything on sale and second-hand, and not having to always buy the cheapest because that’s all we can afford.


16.If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

-Anywhere other than Canada, but preferably Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, or the Caribbean!


17. One thing your life has taught you?

– Not to trust anyone.


18. Something about yourself that would shock people:

– I wish I never had kids. I didn’t know it would be like this. If I knew ahead of time what I know now I would have changed my mind. It’s caused so much stress, fear, worry,and trauma in my life  that I didn’t even know was possible and it’s not worth it. It doesn’t bring joy into my life; all I ever get is the shit.


19.If you had one wish, what would it be?

– To be someone else with someone else’s life.


20. What do you hope for the future?

– To be happy again. The last time I was happy was 25 YRS ago.