The Sick Mystery.

PogueBarfy This is the second day in a row I feel nauseated, which is highly unusual for me unless I’m prego( which would be impossible unless it’s an immaculate conception!), have the Flu, or have food poisoning, but it’s none of those, and I don’t have a fever(I’m freezing,actually, and am shivering), headache, diarrhrea, or aches and pains; my stomach just feels queasy, like I feel like to barf. I also have a “full” feeling and tenderness in my abdomen like I have for awhile, lower back pain,gassy, as well  as it feels like something hard above my bellybutton(I initially thought might have been a tumour), and now a dull, aching, nagging pain on my right side so I’m wondering if it might even be my appendix( although I don’t have a fever) but I’d always heard the pain for that was really bad; sharp stabbing pain so bad that you can’t even stand up or walk( unless it progresses as time goes on) but that’s what I’d always heard about gallbladder pain, too, and mine was never that bad(I’d give it a 6/10 on the pain scale) even as it did wake me up overnight( but I also have a high pain tolerance as well) even though it was full of stones, inflamed,and on the verge of rupture and got removed, so…..I’ve decided to take a wait-and-see approach. I figure if it’s anything serious it will declare itself over time and worsen and if so(such as intense pain, projectile vomiting, or vomiting blood and/or bile, hemmorage internally, pass out, or go into shock if it ruptures ) I’ll go to the hospital but as it is now it might be nothing and I’m not going to haul my ass to the ER and sit  and wait for 6-8 HRS all for nothing…it’s a mystery!

As well, the 15 YR old climbed up the china cabinet in the diningroom to get something on top(instead of using a chair) and it tipped over, almost falling over on top of him and crushing him but luckily he caught it in time and shoved it back up against the wall but I saw it and my heart stopped for a moment there and I let out this frightened piercing shriek of pure horror and fear, the kids have a Christmas party on Saturday at the 14 YR old’s friend’s house and he’s a 10 YR leukemia survivor; he had it when he was 4, so he had it just like our 15 YR old did, they’re both “war buddies”, and I was saying how the kids never listen to me or do what they’re told(because I’m always over-ruled and undermined  by my mother and hubby and have no “say” or authority so the kids just ignore me) and my mother said it’s that age( teens) and that’s the age she “lost control” of me and I “didn’t listen” to her,either(and that I’ve “always done my own thing”, “done what I wanted” and “Still do what I want” and “Don’t listen to her”), and I reminded her that SHE was never even HOME and I never even SAW her; I always came home to an empty house every day as she was always at work; I was home alone before school and after school; I pretty well raised myself; she was never there TO tell me anything TO obey or defy or otherwise; all I had were my friends!