WestJet Christmas.

WestJet I saw an interesting story on the news: Westjet set up a kiosk at the airport for passengers waiting for their flight that looked like an ATM but on the monitor screen was “Santa” asking them what they wanted for Christmas and since they had nothing better to do to pass time they went along with it just for fun, one guy saying he wanted a flat screen TV, another guy saying that he just wanted socks and underwear, a boy saying he wanted a train set,etc..(I would have said I want a Chihuahua and a hippo!) When they arrived at their destination 4 HRS or so later and were waiting for their luggage to come down the conveyor belt instead they were surprised to see a bunch of wrapped Christmas gifts coming down instead: they each had names on them of passengers from 2 flights(which ends up being like 500 people) so they picked them up and unwrapped them and found inside what they had requested from “Santa” at the kiosk prior to boarding, incl the flat screen TV!(Imagine the COST?) They were shocked, surprised,and crying, the entire thing recorded for a WestJet commercial!

What had happened was that behind that monitor was real people in real time watching and taking down notes of the passengers names and gift requests and they sent out 150 volunteers to go to stores and purchase and wrap the gifts and have them dropped off at the destination by the time the passengers had landed, and the passengers had no idea! What a generous and cool thing to do! Talk about a good deed and making someone’s day! I always liked WestJet, though, they don’t suck ass like Air Canada,the only other alternative here, who are SO bad that I vowed over 25 YRS ago to never take again(I’d rather swim across the ocean!) and I took WestJet to Barbados once, and once we landed a flight attendent was telling jokes over the intercom as we were waiting to disembark! Of all the flights I have taken that had never happened before and I thought it was neat!


As well, the pain in my right side is gone(but I’m still queasy and my belly still feels full”)….but has now “moved” to my left side; a sharp pain that feels like a torn muscle, and “Aunt Flow” also showed up (2 days late, so it’s REALLY bad!)  and the cramps are so bad it feels like my guts are all twisted and tied in a knot , my lower back is so sore it feels like I was kicked by a horse, I’m leaking thru everything and soaking thru a tampon an HR( I’m surprised you can lose that much blood and still be alive) and it’s miserable; I’m too old for this shit and so sick of it; I’ve had 33 YRS of it and I’ve had enough! I want to rip my uterus out! Before it was a necessary annoyance but now it’s just an annoyance! My hands and face are tingling as well and my left hand went completely numb for a few HRS as well, and when I sit or lay down it feels like something’s stuck under my left ribs!

I had a dream as well I was dying and on my death bed. I was really old, in my 90’s, and my 10 YR old was in her 60’s but as I lay dying the last thing I wanted to do was lay down beside her and cuddle with her, just like we do now every night before bed, and I also saw on the news last night that in January postage stamps will go up from 63 cents to a dollar each and within 5 YRS Canada Post will also phase out door-to-door mail delivery and replace it with community mail boxes instead, even though service is already half-assed as it is and mail carriers(which my hubby says are nothing more than glorified paperboys) earn something like 50- 60 000$ a YR! Why am I not surprised? What do you expect from a company owned by the gov’t? This country SUCKS!