I Wish I Was Her.

IWish I have a  friend on Facebook I have known since we were in grade 6 and  I wish I was her. I wish I had her life. Unlike me, she’s always been pretty, always been popular, the guys have always fawned all over her( even in grade 6 they liked her!) she’s never been bullied, life has always opened up for her, things have always gone her way and worked out for her, she’s always had opportunities, she’s happy, she never got fat, she has the perfect, charmed life. She’s the polar opposite of me and has a completely opposite life I do. She’s everything I wanted to be and wish I was but never will be and lives the life I’ve always wanted but will never have. It’s just so unfair that people like her have everything, things always come so easy for them, everything’s so perfect for them(she’s even spending Christmas in Cuba with her new boyfriend) while people like me struggle thru every day their whole life.

It’s just the luck of the draw, I guess, and I got the short end of the stick, got the short straw , in life, like always. I’ve always wanted to be someone else other than myself, wanting to be someone like her but I got stuck being me. I always get the shaft. I wish I wasn’t me. I wish I was more.


As well, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to see everything covered in white; glorious snow, yet the 19 YR old still went out in -20 C cold to put out the  garbage without his shirt and barefoot,and complained,”First no food, and now no heat?” because we just don’t have the $$$ (my solution: if he thinks it’s so bad here then he can move out; he’s over-stayed his welcome here, anyway!) and this YR will be the first Christmas without our 2 oldest here; even while they were away at university they still came up to visit at Christmas but now they live TOO far away (Calgary and Japan) to visit so it’ll feel weird and like something’s missing without them here, and the 10 YR old was watching a Christmas show on TV when my mother walked in deciding she wanted to watch something instead so she just puts the guide on, covering up the screen so she couldn’t see and when I told her it was rude she huffs “What am *I* supposed to do?” I told her, “How about wait your turn like everyone else?” and then she stomped off up to her room in a huff! She’s so selfish and such a suck!

She also insisted the guy next door help her carry baked goods up to the front door for her and he didn’t look too happy about it, being ordered around like that, being treated like a servant( but she treats everyone like they’re her servant) yet whenever I ask her for HER help or to do anything she snarks, “I’m NOT one of the kids!” or “You’re not MY boss!” and she bought the wrong cheese again( she got the “light” ones, and a pack of 48 slices,too, which taste like crap and no one will even eat) because she didn’t read the label again like always and she blamed ME when *I* got mad even though it WAS her fault for getting the wrong thing but when I called her out on it she said *I* put HER “down” because she never takes responsibility for anything and it’s always someone ELSE’S fault (usually mine) for mentioning it. I swear I hate that mean old hag so much!