My Surprise!

LighterSideOfFor my anniversary yesterday my hubby surprised me with this book seen here: the hardcover  “Five Decades of ‘The Lighter Side Of…..” of “MAD” Magazine’s Dave Berg’s best work( his work was always my fave. from the magazine!) a card…..and….

RedRoses a dozen long-stemmed red roses! I was so surprised! All I got him was a home made card( an X-rated one!) because I don’t have any $$$ to buy anything ( I used all my $$$ on Christmas gifts, using the $$$ I had left that I didn’t spend at the CNE,and even that wasn’t too much, because I’m broke!) we’re also going to a new Indian restaurant opening soon in a  nearby town for dinner( not in this town; there’s nothing here) but it’s not going to be open until January so we have to wait awhile( it can be a combined anniversary and my birthday dinner) as there’s nowhere here to go; there was only one half-decent place here before but they changed  all the recipes so now it sucks, and the Indian restaurant they had in the nearby town in a hotel  before burned down and they didn’t rebuild it!

As well, the 15 YR old’s sick; he barfed about 8 times, and just in time for the virus to spread so someone(if not everyone!) will be sick next week over Christmas (and Christmas Eve is exactly a WEEK today; hard to believe!) and my hubby got toques( pronounced “tooqs”) for the boys which I call “retard hats” because they look so stupid,and it was – 26 C when I woke up and it’s so cold even INSIDE the house( the furnace doesn’t heat the house adequately) that we have to wear layers of clothing, 3 sweaters, etc. and bundle up in blankets to keep warm, and I heard on the news now the average cost of a house in this country is 391 000 $ ( NOT incl. Toronto where it’s 550-750 000$) which explains why home ownership is way beyond more and more people’s means, and a gov’t official commented on a radio show that it’s “NOT up to ME to feed my neighbour’s children!” saying it’s not the gov’t’s  responsibility to look after the poor, not caring about other people, and blaming them for their poverty situation, not caring about the epidemic poverty of children in this country, and then refused to even apologize for it,too, the callous, heartless bastard!! Canada sucks!

I also heard on the news that Child Welfare in Quebec came after this Orthodox Jewish sect of 40 families because they’re devoutly religious and homeschool and tried to seize their children so they fled over the border into Ontario, trying to escape their persecution, trying to live a life of freedom but they still found them and the order was just transferred from one branch to another and now the Ontario court has ordered 40 of the kids surrendered to the State and managed to snatch 2 of them so they’re still not safe from State intrusion! Big Brother is alive and well and families, parents, and religion no longer have rights, freedom, or legal protection anymore in this fascist Police State country and if you’re not “mainstream” you are a target and you have to watch your back and can’t trust the authorities!