Guest Post.

FabulousBedroom Today’s Guest Post is by my 12 YR old, taken from her blog. Enjoy!

Hello! Today I’m going to tell you about my bedroom makeover, so I’m giving my bedroom A makeover (yay) it’s going to look so fabulous I have two reasons why I’m re-doing my bedroom, reason 1: Because I’ve wanted my room to be re-done for awhile now. Reason 2: My air-conditioner leaked on my floor over the summer, which makes me very happy because I get to redo my room, goodbye ugly, barf green carpet, with mildew stains, hello new rug for the middle of the bedroom! (I don’t know what color it’ll be yet) so, I cleaned where my air-conditioner is, I cleaned by my bedroom door area, I cleaned by my dresser, I cleaned my closet, and I’m cleaning under my bed now, so it’s going to take awhile to do everything because my bedroom is pretty big, but what I’m going to do to my bedroom is: Get a nice rug for the bedroom (I’m going to have a wood floor with a rug), Turn my stool into a bedside table, buy my own bedding for the bed, buy some throw pillows for the bed (the things I say buy I’m going to buy with my own money my dad is only going to buy the rug for the room) put all my stuff (toys, paper, random stuff) into my cabinet, organize all my Perfumes, Nail Polishes, Hand Sanitizers, Lip Balms, Lip Gloss, etc., and if I can I’ll re-paint all the white borders around my bedroom so it’s looks newer to me, and I might put my dresser and stuff in different places, that’s all I can tell you for now, when my bedroom is done (So not for a month or two) then I’ll film a room tour, oh and just so you know it’ll be very fabulous, and fashionable. Thanks for reading. Toodles!