Christmas Wish List.

HippoXMasTree THIS is what I want to find under the tree on Christmas morning! I guess it would take alot of wrapping paper to wrap a hippo though(and a really big bow!) not to mention the cost of shipping, but if you’re going to dream you might as well dream big, right? I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!

So Much For Freedom Of Speech!

PhilRobertson It’s all over the InterNet how “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson (seen here) got fired for saying he thinks homosexuality is a sin, comparable to bestiality,and that he doesn’t see what’s so desirable about man-ass, and that he prefers vaginas and women; that they have more to offer. I’ve never watched the show( redneck freak shows aren’t my thing) but I agree with him, he’s entitled to his opinion, and has the right to free speech and they shouldn’t have fired him over it. He was being interviewed for a magazine and was asked what he thought about homosexuality and he told them his opinion. He’s a conservative Christian old guy; what did they THINK he’d say? What did they expect? Did they actually think he’d embrace and endorse it? It’s almost like they were setting him up!  He wasn’t hateful or anything like that; he just said what his beliefs were and that the Bible says sodomy is a sin, which it does,and it is.

I doubt he cares though; he’s rich enough( white trash with money, kind of like the modern-day “Beverly Hillbillies”) so he can just laugh all the way to the bank, and TV shows come and go but God’s Word(and his faith) is eternal. What I hope happens is the family pulls the show and take it (and it’s ratings and income; people can’t seem to get enough of those redneck shows nowadays)to another network that values and allows free speech. That would serve the network right! It seems like you mustn’t offend or disagree with the gays(and society bends over backwards to cater to and appease them; they have special rights) but it IS ok to censor religion and offend Christians,and free speech apparantly doesn’t work both ways. The gays are just way too sensitive and are just a bunch of whiny bullies that decry “homophobe!” “bigot” “hate crime!” etc. every time anyone disagrees with them even though not everyone does agree(and they have the right not to and it doesn’t make them “haters”) and are only “tolerant” as long as people agree with them, and if sodomy is accepted and seen as “normal” and gay “marriage” is legal then why not bestiality, pedophilia, incest, polygamy, etc. as well? Afterall, they’re ALL abnormal, perversions, deviant, “alternative” lifestyles, and sins, and once you start with one group it’s just a matter of time before they all start wanting the SAME recognition, approval, legalization, public platform, and special rights! Some even use the excuse it’s “natural” because some animals are “gay”…but humans are not animals, and some animals also eat their young(and their feces,too!)….so does that mean we’re supposed to do that,too?

I say good for Phil for saying what he believes and for having the courage for standing up for what’s right and defending God’s truth despite the gay agenda(that despite such a small minority has such a loud voice) that tries to force society into accepting that it’s “normal” and that we all must accept and embrace it. I’m sure he just said ( about not understanding what’s so desirable about shoving your dick up another guy’s arse) what every other straight guy’s been thinking, anyway. There’s a public outcry over the unfairness of his suspension( so much for free speech!) and petitions being circulated to bring him back. What happened to him is tyranny of the minority.