My Nostalgia.

N1 Here is the ballerina musical jewellery box that I had as a kid back in the 70’s. When you wind it up it plays music and the ballerina spins around.

N2 Holly Hobbie, also from my childhood. I remember I had the dolls.

N3 Pleated jeans from the 1980’s, when I was a teen. I also had the acid-washed jeans and the baggy jeans.

N4 Jesus sandals from the early 1980’s! I remember I had these and how they’d also always get stuck up in the tree or on the roof when I’d throw them up trying to retrieve the badminton birdie that got stuck up there!

N5 Fuzzy balls with the googly-eyes and the peel-off bottom from the 1980’s! I stuck them on my dresser mirror, on my desk, on my book binders…..

N6 1970’s-style rec-room decor, complete with the stone walls and the shag carpeting! My cousin’s family room looked just like this! I remember it well and seeing this brings back so many happy childhood memories!

N7 The brooch (I think mine was from Avon) with the creme perfume in the back! I had these as a kid in the 70’s. I also had the cat one,and one that was shaped( and smelled ) like an orange.