Update Shortly after my last blog past I spent the next 9 HRS barfing my guts out every 15 min with the stomach bug! Now I’m still queasy and my stomach HURTS, like I got kicked, from all the non-stop retching. After the first 2 HRS it was empty and all I got out was stomach acid, mucus,and bile. I also did what I THOUGHT was a fart(only it wasn’t) and wondered why my pants felt all wet( like when I leak thru with “Aunt Flow.”) It’s miserable and shortly after my misery my mother, the 19 YR old, 14 YR old, 12 YR old, and 10 YR old got it,too, only they only barfed every HR. Mine was so much worse due to the fact that my hubby had kissed me on the lips during the worst of his sickness( to ensure I’d get infected,too) so that f*cker is deadmeat for doing this to me! Needless to say I’m not getting much sleep barfing all the time( and I can’t sleep on a queasy stomach,either,and I SLEEP on my stomach!) so I just try to nap when I can and I can tell I’m dehydrated as well.

So now the ones that have already recovered( that is, my hubby, the 15 YR old,and the 6 YR old) have to take care of those of us that are sick( bring us water bottles, blankets, empty our barf buckets,etc.) and the 19 YR old has to use a clear jar to barf in because we ran out of waste paper baskets and you can see right thru it(because it’s clear) and see all the details, which really grosses out my hubby!(ha,ha, but it serves him right!) I think it’s just some sort of stomach bug though and not the Flu since there’s no fever, headache, or muscle aches,and it only lasts 1-2 days.

The Cesspool.

Canada still sucks! The Supreme Court has ruled that the prostitution laws are “unconstitutional” as they expose prostitutes to harm as they’re hiding from public view for fear of being arrested so basically now making prostitution legal and the gov’t has to change the laws within 12 months. This is stupid, but what do you expect from a bunch of twats that look like the Burger King in their ridiculous red and white robes,anyway? Just when I think this country can’t POSSIBLY suck any MORE than it already does it somehow manages! So now this country will now become a haven for sex trafficking; sending the message that it’s ok to buy,sell,and exploit women and girls, and prostitution causes ruined lives and increases crime and violence. Way to GO Canada, you dumb ass! Instead of legalizing it and enabling it( which would be like giving drug addicts syringes and enabling them instead of helping them by getting them treatment) what they should have done is make the laws stricter to try to combat it like they do in places like Saudi Arabia and Singapore which as everyone knows have VERY low crime rates( prostitution, drugs, rape, murder, etc.) because it’s a deterrent and it WORKS! This country is nothing but a cesspool of immorality and debauchery and they somehow manage to legalize, encourage, endorse,and promote every sin they can possibly think of; abortion, alcohol, gambling, same-sex “marriage”, now prostitution,and  trying to also legalize marijuana and euthanasia next,too! Pretty soon there won’t be anything left! It’s like the modern-day Sodom and Gemorrah! Canada is a DISGRACE! The motto of this country should be “We suck since 1867.”

As well, the 12 YR old just barfed and the 6 YR old’s just getting over the stomach virus my hubby and the 15 YR old had and the 6 YR old barfed 12 times but it only lasted under 12 HRS and now *I* have the shits and my stomach feels unsettled,too, and this is the 3rd day of our freezing rain and ice storm(everything’s covered in thick layers of ice and the roads are treacherous) and I’ll never forget the really bad one of Feb/ 1998 when we lived in Ottawa that lasted a week and I’m convinced the cold and stress of it( no power or heat for a week) is what caused me to go into labour and resulted in the premature birth of my son! The 19 YR old and my hubby continue to be blasphemous and make fun of God as well; saying that THEY’RE “god” and that The Elf On The Shelf “has sex with Jesus” etc. and my hubby’s not my problem but I don’t want my son to go to Hell and I’m worried about him!

An old friend from grade 6’s son is also engaged to be married and that makes ME feel really old,and our 2nd oldest(who lives in Japan) is coming up during the summer for HER friend’s wedding as well, and a blog I read they’re in Australia and it’s their SUMMER now and they get summer vacation off school(school ended a few days ago for them; ours goes until June) and it seems weird to me; to have Christmas in summer; here it’s our winter!  and the kids’ friend came over and everyone was so loud and tearing around the house for HRS it drove me nuts and I just found out she(and her 3 siblings) are adopted by their grandparents; their own parents just threw them away and it shocked and surprised me! She’d also said once that she thought HER family was weird until she met OUR family, yet THEY’RE the ones in family counselling and WE’RE not, so…..