The Mystery Package.

Parcel My hubby got a mysterious parcel delivered to the house  that I intercepted at the door(I was the one to answer it) that he was very vague about, arising my suspicions(and that he had to pay 20$ duty tax on, so I’d hate to think  how much he actually had to pay for the item itself!) and he wouldn’t tell me what it was, where it was ordered from, or who it was for, and then the 12 YR old said it was for ME so it must be my CHRISTMAS PRESENT! She said it was “heavy”,too, so maybe it’s a HIPPO!( if so, I hope they poked breathing holes in it before they wrapped it up!) I have no idea what it could be though, esp. since I didn’t ask for anything specific(other than a hippo and a Chihuahua) and I didn’t even think I was getting anything….

 I’m still recovering from the stomach virus as well and almost fainted and still feel  queasy,exhausted, dizzy, weak,and faint(and still have no appetite) and have to keep laying down and resting but I have to be better later tonight for church with all the sitting, standing,and kneeling; I have to FORCE myself; I ended up barfing a total of 36 times and shit my pants 4 times(the 10 YR old now calls me “Poopy Pants”) and lost 6 pounds between all the extreme barfing, dehydration, and not eating for 31 HRS!(and just so you know, the adult diapers are NOT diarrhea-proof; they soak right thru!) and with both my mother and I sick no one cooked or got fed but with most of us sick no one felt like eating, anyway! All of us have  had it now,too; it made it’s way thru the entire house! The ice storm was so bad as well we got 30 mm of ice and most of the province has massive power outages; Toronto alone 750 000 people have no power, incl. my friend who owns a restaurant(so she’ll be losing alot of $$) and it likely won’t be restored until after Christmas which really sucks!

 We’ve never told our kids the lie about Santa,either; not wanting to deceive them; we just tell them the legend of it but that he’s not real(and that it’s really the parents that leave the gifts and fill the stockings) and the Santa myth’s really just a big conspiracy all adults are in on, even NORAD ,which tricked me as a kid; when I heard their reports on the radio Christmas Eve about Santa’s location I thought it HAD to be true(never did I think THEY’D lie!!Little did I know) and the lies just get even bigger as you get older; that you can trust the police( or any authority), that the gov’t is here to help you,etc. and I remember as well as Santa was to come down the chimney my uncle saying “I’m going to shoot the old bugger!” and my cousins and I pleading with him,”Don’t shoot Santa!” even though he didn’t even own a gun. I can’t believe today is Christmas Eve already,either, and the kids call yesterday “Christmas Steve.”

 My hubby also doesn’t want the kids to have the 2 week break off school over Christmas and wants them to still do school work, even the 6 YR old who got upset and was mad and crying, wanting the time off and he was trying to still make him do extra math. I can see the 15 YR old making up for the work he’s behind( he still has 30 essays he’s put off) but if they’re all caught up why NOT get time off? I don’t want them to get burned out and end up hating and resenting school! The 12 YR old also decided to change her birthday and celebrate it during Hanukkah so that she now has 8 days of birthdays,too, and this YR for her present a day(like they do during Hanukkah) she got such items as a bread-tag tie, a lid off a water bottle, my hubby’s beard clippings,etc.