Merry Christmas!

XMas2013 Merry Christmas! Despite still being sick I forced myself to go to Mass last night for Christmas Eve but I had to keep sitting down as I felt faint and being in the hot, crowded church didn’t help, but at least I tried and I deserve an “A” for effort! I know I probably shouldn’t have gone but I missed Mass on Sunday and didn’t want to miss it it on Christmas Eve as well. It sucks that I’m STILL not better, either when everyone else recovered quickly; they were over the stomach bug in just 1-2 days but for me it’s been 4 days and I’m still not well; I still feel faint every time I stand up, I still have diarrhrea, I’m still tired and weak,and still queasy at times and have to keep laying down. At least my appetite’s finally back though(after not eating for 3 days) which’s a start but everything’s always worse for me than for everyone else.

As well, just the 10 and 12 YR olds came to the earlier evening Mass with me and the others went to the later one at night(they probably didn’t want to go with me; not wanting to go as a family) and the 6 YR old had a tantrum at that time and couldn’t go, and there was a brat sitting beside me wailing,too(I always get the brats like that sitting beside me in church or behind me on flights, just my luck) and when my mother said “Mass” with her missing teeth and my poor hearing I thought she said “math” and then she hissed at me,”STOP making FUN of me!” and I told her, “I wasn’t making fun of you; I didn’t HEAR you!” and after Mass we opened one Christmas gift each and saved the rest until today.

The 19 YR old also deleted my TV show off the PVR that I have set to pre-record every WK and just set HIS over it and when I objected and tried to take the remote he refused and I had to wrestle it off him and he was hitting and kicking me and twisting my arm to prevent me from getting it so I could re-program my show back and now my wrist hurts; he’s over-stayed his welcome here(and I’m sick and tired of his attitude and disrespect) and it’s time he moves out but he just can’t find a job! I also think it’s sad a friend I’ve known since grade 6 left her kids on Christmas to go to Cuba with her boyfriend,and I don’t know who they’re with,either; if they’re visiting their grandparents or staying with their dads, or just staying home alone; it sounds romantic and all to be going away to Cuba but also at the same time so sad to not be with her kids( the youngest is in grade 9 and the oldest is college-age) over Christmas and I can’t imagine it,and I hope our oldest 2( it’s their first YR not here with the family as they live too far away away now to visit; Calgary and Japan) aren’t alone on Christmas, either; that they’re at least with friends….

Tomorrow I’ll post a detailed account of our Christmas…and remember…JESUS is the REASON for the season!

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