This And That.

ThisAndThat -Later today we’ll be taking down the Christmas tree (I already took down the decorations a couple of days ago,and the outdoor lights will be on until New Year’s Eve) as Monday we need to call a plumber to come take a look at the leaking bathtub that’s leaking thru the ceiling down to the living room although I have no idea how we’re going to pay for it; we don’t have the $$$, don’t have the $$$ to pay back a loan,either, and just HAD an insurance claim for the roof. I hate our house.

– The kids had 3 friends over at the same time and even with the extra people, running around and yelling I still couldn’t tell any difference! One of them also said if she yelled like that at her house she’d be grounded. She must think we’re neanderthals.

– The insurance company called and said we have to fix the broken slab on the front veranda.(Last YR they sent us a whole list of petty little demands of things we had to have repaired as well or threatened to deny us coverage,too) WTF? What does THAT have to do with *insurance* coverage? It’s NOT a safety or structural issue( it just looks crappy) and what did they DO; go snooping around our property? They’re just nit-picking and being ridiculous! I think we need to start shopping around for a new insurance company that isn’t so picky!

– A blog I read they posted a photo of their new house they’re moving in to and they RENT and their house’s even nicer than ours that we OWN! I wish we could unload this shit-hole except we can’t afford to move and besides, who’d buy this piece of shit, anyway?

– It seems that for most people they have a bad past they try to escape and the present is good and it’s their past that they want to forget and move past but for me it’s the opposite; I had a happy childhood I wish I could go back to and the present that sucks.

– Despite the shitty way my family treats me  I still try my best to avoid conflict, to diffuse the situation, to remove myself from the situation, to be kind, and to “walk on eggshells” around those that I know will “trigger” problems so at least I try and make the effort, yet it can’t all be on me; they have to still do their part,too….

– My real-life friends, Facebook friends, and blog readers all agree that no one should have to put up with the abuse my family puts me thru and that it’s not right the way they treat me( and it feels good to BE validated so I know that it’s NOT “just me” like my family always says it is) even though my hubby and mother say I have a “good” life and have no reason to complain, and that others have it much worse and I should be “grateful”.They don’t even see that there’s a problem and think I over-react and say I have it “good” when in reality nothing could be farther from the truth but they just don’t see it because they ARE the problem!