Scary Noises.

WindowIce I didn’t sleep well: I kept getting woken up by scary noises: the fierce wind made the big Maple tree in front of my bedroom window keep hitting and scraping against the window making loud, scary noises and it got milder as well and the thick layer of ice on my bedroom windows started to melt, shrink,crack,pop, and fall off, making  scary loud noises that kept waking me up as well! When you’re asleep this is scary; it sounded like someone was trying to break into the  house thru the window and it was unnerving and unsettling(even though we have the security system and I KNEW what it was) and things that go bump in the night and keep waking you up make it hard to get a good sleep! It’s also day 8 since thousands of people have no electricity, heat, and water since the ice storm and  they say it may STILL be a few more days until it’s restored and I can’t even IMAGINE how frustrating and discouraged they must feel! Squirrels have also chewed right thru the lids of both our so-called “animal proof” animal stopper garbage cans and now the hole’s so big they can crawl right thru so we had to get new ones and to try and deter them I rubbed moth balls all across the lids(they hate the scent) to try and repel them, like I put in the garden and hope that works….

I shook my head in disbelief as well to read in “People” magazine the Top PrimeTime TV shows of the YR are all(except for 2 of them) lame or loser redneck shows: football, American Idol,Dancing With The Stars, The OT, NCIS,and The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never even HEARD of The OT, and NCIS and The Big Bang Theory are the only good ones; the others are so pathetic I’d rather stick PINS in my eyes than watch them(and it just goes to show that people have no taste, and I guess Americans love redneck football like the losers here like redneck hockey) and my hubby was actually going to buy the 15 YR old throwing KNIVES( I said what next,a shotgun,too?) like they have in the circus, which is reckless, careless,and dangerous,but I told him OVER MY DEAD BODY,  and when I said how I don’t like this house or this town my hubby sneered that I wouldn’t be happy no matter *where* we live; that complaining is my”schtick'” and just my “thing” but that’s not fair and it’s not true; I liked our old house and I WAS happy living in the city; I just complain because I’m desperately unhappy! His and my mother’s excuse for the house being a certified piece of shit and everything all falling apart is also because it’s “old” even though we DID just get all the plumbing redone just 8 YRS or so ago…so then WHY is the bath tub leaking thru the floor down to the ceiling below then? I also said I’m ashamed that we have ants and mice,too,and they said it’s “normal” and that “everyone has it” and “that’s why the stores sell mouse traps….” I’m never validated.

My mother also snickered that I “always tell everyone what to do” and my hubby says I “always nag” even though it’s my JOB; I’m the mother: “Put your dishes in the sink!” “Clean your room!” “Finish your math!” “Put your clean laundry away!” ” Pick your crap up off the floor!” “Turn the light off!” “Close the front door!” “Get dressed for church!” “Put your clothes in the laundry!” “Don’t forget your backpack!” ,and reminding them to be on time for their lessons,app’t’s etc. yet if I don’t they don’t remember and things don’t get done….and then they blame ME that they forgot(because I didn’t remind them), so I can never “win” either way! As for them ruining holiday dinners with their atrocious behaviour, our oldest said me having to endure it’s like I’m  like “the white man at a primitive tribal village of savages” and I said “Or an aristocrat stuck at a hoe-down!” and they think that I act like they’re not “high brow” enough for me(since they’re uncultured rednecks) when all I want is for them to act civilized at the table and to have proper table manners; to NOT eat with their hands or to be crude at the table….is that REALLY too much to ask or too much to expect?I’m embarrassed to have people over too, to see how the kids behave and to see how messy our house is!My hubby doesn`t care(where do you think they GOT it FROM?) and he encourages it and thinks it all just a big joke, but it`s gotten out of hand and now it`s a big problem! The kids tried to build a gingerbread house as well but the walls all kept caving in and collapsing so they just gave up and ate it. I suggested they could use caulking to do it though….well….it blends in with the white icing…