Boys VS Girls.

BoysVSGirls Since I have lots of kids ( 6 girls and 5 boys) people often ask me which is “easier” and which I prefer, boys or girls. It actually depends on the age, or at least with my kids,anyway. As babies the boys are definitely alot easier; they’re calmer, quieter, less fussy, and more easy-going(although our youngest was a fussy baby; he cried alot and was difficult to feed) but the girls cried ALOT(and the oldest girl SCREAMED 24 HRS straight for 2 YRS) and were fussy and whiny. As they got older the boys were more aggressive and broke more things(although our oldest girl was really bad and destructive and defiant and completely trashed a room) and were alot more rough-and-tumble and got hurt more while the girls tended to be more quiet, played quietly, didn’t tear around the house, do reckless things or get hurt as much and weren’t as loud, but as teens the girls were “snootier” and whiny and the boys were more obnoxious and rude but they were ALL mouthy and talked back equally and had attitude. When they were little( babies, toddlers and younger kids) I preferred boys(the girls were so difficult as babies I was only hoping for boys at one point) but as they get older I prefer the girls so I guess in the end it all kind of “balances” out. The one I’m the closest to is a girl(and I’ve always wanted a girl like her and to have that close special mother-daughter relationship) and the 2 that have been the cruelest and said the most hurtful,spiteful, hateful,stinging,meanest things to me have been the oldest boys but the 2 ones I’m least close to are girls so it’s mixed. I guess it all depends more on their personalities; the kind of people they are and how we get along but as babies the boys definitely were alot easier without a doubt.

As well, the 10 YR old accidently said “shit” (“The hippo did a SHIT”) and she doesn’t swear; it just came out and she was horrified and the look on her face when she’d realized what she’d said was priceless; it was hilarious and so funny, we still never got the postcard my mother sent from the Caribbean yet,either,and she’s been back a month now,and when I’d mentioned how I never liked this house she goes, “But you ALWAYS liked it!”( proving how she never really ever knew me, listens to me, or pays attention) and even said it was my “Dream house”, even though I never did; I liked our old house and didn’t even  want to move but we were forced to leave to flee persecution( sort of like the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt to escape King Herod) and I only like the back yard here but I’ve always hated the green shingles on the roof, the shit- colour of the veranda, the brown tiles on the front of the house, the revolting green and orange carpets upstairs, how everything’s all falling apart and how we just can’t afford to get things repaired or replaced. The way I look at it is I just settled for this house(because we had to find something  fast and it was big enough) but I’ve hated the entire 10( soon to be 11) YRS we’ve lived here.

My computer keyboard was also screwed up; I had no quotation marks or question mark and the question mark was replaced with an “e” with a French accent grave over it and it’s happened before(I have no reason why; I never did anything) so my hubby fixed it. It’s so frustrating and annoying and I’m not smart enough to know WHY it did that or how to fix it; I just know it didn’t work! We’re ordering in Chinese food for New YR’s as well and I’m looking forward to it; I LOVE Chinese food and it’s a treat we only get once a YR because it’s so expensive, and I had a dream a friend( no one I know in real life, it was just in a dream) said to her brother, “No one will EVER want YOU and it serves you RIGHT!” and he cried in front of everyone and then sadly walked  away,slowly down the street, and as I watched him walk away I thought to myself how mean it was of her,  feeling badly for him,and ,”*I* like him and want to be with him!” and I heard on the news a 13 YR old’s brain-dead following surgery complications and the hospital wants to kill her by removing life-support and the parents refuse, wanting to give her time and keep her alive( her heart’s still beating) and they went to court and the judge agreed with the hospital so they can kill her and it’s horrible! So now not only can the State take your children AWAY, now they can even KILL them,TOO,and parents are powerless to DO anything about it! Parents have NO rights, anymore, no legal protection, and no way to protect their kids or family from State intrusion!

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