Happy New Year!

NEWYR2014 Happy New YR! I never do anything for New YR’s Eve, which I think is basically just an excuse for loser boozers to get drunk and party anyway and probably the most dangerous night of the YR to be out; there are even MORE drunk drivers out on the road than NORMAL( and we have LOTS in this country as it is,anyway!)It’s safer to stay indoors! I once knew a girl who’s 18 YR old brother was killed by a drunk driver while walking home on New YR’s Eve,and New YR’s was never the same for their family again. Not only should people not drink and drive, I don’t even think they should drink,period. Alcohol serves NO useful purpose and is a scourge on society and one of society’s biggest ills. I was never into the party scene anyway and I always sleep thru Midnight; I go to bed early as I’m awake by 6 am,and besides, those things(New YR’s Eve parties) are always way too expensive,anyway, and everyone just gets wasted and acts like fools, and it’s and not my thing. I saw on the news the fireworks displays to welcome in the New YR and even other countries have them way better than here; Sydney, Dubai,and Hong Kong all had spectacular ones; not cheap and half-assed like we have here.Everything this country does is inferior.

Monday night and yesterday we also had no hot water; something was wrong with the hot water tank (it figures)so we couldn’t have baths or showers and I felt so grungy, dirty, and gross. I ended up boiling 2 big pots of water on the stove and putting it in the bath(with a bit of cold) to bathe; it wasn’t enough for a bath but at least I could get clean,and the 15 YR old did the same in the sink to wash his hair; we felt like pioneers! Originally they’d said they couldn’t come look at it until today but luckily they ended up squeezing us in later yesterday and the guy came and replaced a part on the tank so we have hot water again! The plumber also came to check about the leaking tub Monday but my hubby had to cut away part of the wall behind the pipes to expose them so he could get a better look(he could have done it but it would have cost more $$$) so he came back yesterday and found the problem and the source of the leak; some pipes and the “lining” around the tub, but his supplier’s closed until tomorrow so he’ll be back then to start the work, but luckily we don’t have to tear apart the ceiling(so less expense, thank God) and I was hoping we’d have to get a new tub so I could get a deep “claw” foot tub like I had in Toronto,too, but no such luck! The postcard from the Caribbean finally came yesterday too….it took a MONTH! Canada Post sucks, typical!

The kids’ friends come over every second day or so now during Christmas vacation as well so it feels like we have a revolving door at our house, I had a weird dream the kids had a dog that looked like a hybrid between a dog and a cat and it was the ugliest, most hideous thing ever and I said to it, “Hopefully one day someone won’t look on your outer appearance and will like you for what’s on the inside” and a Facebook friend posted that it was the second-worst day of her LIFE…her DOG died,and I thought she must have a pretty easy life then if THAT’S the worst thing that’s happened to her,and at first the way by the way she was carrying on I thought it was one of her KIDS that had died but it was just a dog! I like as well how the Koran says how God doesn’t charge a soul with more than it can bear(I must be able to bear ALOT then!!) and my mother suggested the 19 YR old join the military,too,and I told her, “I just want him to get out of the house; I don’t want him to get KILLED!” and besides, he’s already aggressive enough as it is I wouldn’t want it encouraged even MORE and for him to be a hired killer and kill people for a living,and then she said maybe he can join the O.P.P and I said him being a cop’s not a good idea,either; he’s a bully so giving him a gun and being paid to assault people isn’t such a smart idea!

I also remember my first Greek word I learned as a kid: when I was 4-5 YRS old: “venica”, when my friend and neighbour’s grandmother was calling her to come inside, and then later I would learn more, let’s say, “interesting” words, such as “malaka”, and it pisses me off too to hear the terrorist bombings in Volgograd that their biggest concern is how it might affect the upcoming Olympics in Sochi; what about the people that got killed NOW? They care more about their image at the stupid Olympics than about the value of human LIFE? It’s also ridiculous how they waste so much money on the Olympics when it can go to much better use,too,into improving the LIVES of PEOPLE, such as into health care, education, eliminating poverty,etc. priorities are all wrong and society is just so f*cked up!