What I Want For 2014.

BHappy 2013 was no better and no worse than any other YR; I was just doing my best trying to survive; trudging thru life as always, ekking out a bleak, miserable existance, but for this YR what I hope for is(none of which are very likely): to be happy again….

BChi…to get a Chihuahua again like I’ve had in the past; a reminder of happier times; my only way to recapture, relive,and recreate a happy time in my life; one thing that would bring a bit of happiness into my life, bringing back happy memories….

Surgeon…..breast reduction surgery( I had it done YRS ago when I was 18 but need it redone again: after having and breastfeeding all the kids now they’re even bigger than they were before!); my boobs are so enormous that it impairs my life:  the immense weight puts tremendous strain on my back and I can never find shirts that fit; everything’s always too tight on the chest….(This wish would be the most likely to occur for me although the referral from the walk-in-clinic went thru in AUGUST and I still haven’t heard anything yet….)

Toxic….I hope that my toxic family treats me better, but we’re already NOT off to a good start; since they ruined Christmas dinner(like they do with ALL big holiday dinners) with their atrocious table manners  my mother and I cancelled any future holiday dinners so  yesterday for New YR they(just to mock us)  had their own formal dinner in the dining room where they dressed fancy, acted pretentious like “stuffed shirts”, talked “snooty”(“We’re having dinner at the Bradfords!”) cackling and laughing in a noses-in-the-air fashion(so she and I just sat at the kitchen table, away from the spectacle). My family are such big assholes.