Yet Another Day To Freeze Off My Ass!

3Jan It’s so cold(some places up North it’s even – 50 C!) it’s ungodly; I think I should just hibernate for the rest of the winter…..

Turds….and THIS is what I feel like: a frozen turd…

Penguin(new)…and if I look out my window( except they’re all frozen over with ice and I can’t see anything) this is what I’d expect to see out there!

“Ketchup” Post.

KUP Catching up on what’s been going on:

– It’s so cold now I got frostbite on my fingers just bringing in the recycling bins! Yesterday it was -22 C with a wind-chill of -35 C! They said on the news that half the country’s in a deep-freeze although our son in Calgary said it was 6 C there! There’s also a bad H1N1( Swine Flu) outbreak there,too! I hope he’ll be ok!

– Being homeschoolers we live off the grid and stay below the radar as homeschoolers are always targeted by the authorities ( school officials, Child Welfare, Social Services,etc.) so we always have to lay low and not “advertise or expose ourselves.”

– Our shitty Internet keeps going down; it does it alot and has already done it twice since we’ve been off for Christmas vacation!

– The plumber fixed the leak and it just took him 30 min. or so and cost 270$! What a relief! He didn’t have to tear apart the ceiling and it didn’t end up costing thousands of $$$ and we didn’t have to take out a loan afterall like we’d feared, thank God! He even put in new taps and shower head in the tub,too!

– The Korean grocer my mother goes to every week gave her a free scarf (I presume because she’s a good customer?)and it’s a stylish one,too! Wasn’t that nice of him?

– I thought the 15 YR old’s health card expired next month and had to be re-newed and I was worried why he didn’t get the re-newal notice in the mail but when I checked his health card it said it goes until MAY, so he won’t be getting the notice until March( as you get it about 8 weeks before) so that’s one less thing to worry about!

– I often wonder if it might be a better idea to just rent,rather than own, a house as it’s alot less expense,and easier to move: no paying property tax( we have to pay 3000$ a YR) and no home insurance or expense of home repairs if you just rent,and it’s easier to move;too; no hassle of having to sell the house( you just  find another one and move) and the only expense is the movers; no real estate agent or lawyer’s expenses, although you’re always at the owner’s mercy; he can raise the rent, refuse to do repairs, or kick you out and you can’t do anything about it!

– When I took down the outdoor Christmas lights the wreath was frozen on the balcony, stuck with ice and I couldn’t pull it off( and I wasn’t going to just leave it there until it melted,either, as it’s tacky to leave Christmas decorations up until spring) so I had to use the ice pick and chop at the ice to break it free!

– The 10 YR old complained I always turn up the TV and radio so loud and she asked why I do but I can’t hear well and can’t afford a hearing aid at a cost of thousands of $$$$ so I told her it’s cheaper to just turn everything up louder so I can hear it! It’s FREE!

– It’s my birthday tomorrow(I’ll be 47) and for my birthday dinner I either want a Big Mac or a donair (I’m not sure yet and either one will do) and usually only 2 or 3 of the kids even bother to make me cards,and half the time they just do it last-minute at that; rushed thru, half-assed,and without any thought, time, or effort put into it….sigh…