Wish List.

BMShirt My search for a tie-dye Bob Marley shirt (like the one seen here) continues. I did yet another Internet search and I found a few I liked but they were either all youth sizes (am I too old for Bob Marley? I don’t need to hear that! Reggae is for everyone and Bob is eternal) which is waaay too small for my obese hippo body, or they were sold out and out of stock, or they were only available on eBay which I don’t trust and I would never order from; I’ve heard too many horror stories of them taking your $$$ and you never get the product.With my luck though even if I DID end up finding the elusive one available (and in my size!) they probably wouldn’t ship to Canada,anyway(a common issue I get,too). So, my endless search continues.Shit. It could have been a late birthday gift,too.Maybe for Mother’s Day?

Birthday Update.

HBD For my birthday it’s just like any other ordinary day: I woke up early, I did laundry, I cooked. Only 3 of the kids even bothered to make me cards(just as I expected,and spelling “Chihuahua” as “chiwawa”, ha,ha) the others couldn’t care less,and they even needed to be reminded and prodded to SAY “Happy Birthday”, but lots of people sent me birthday wishes on Facebook which really meant alot and I appreciate and it’s nice to know I have so many good friends that DO care about me, even if my own family doesn’t and it means so much. I didn’t get any gifts but my hubby did get me a card with a hippo on it!

Donair  I had a donair for lunch, just the way I like it, with garlic sauce and no onions and thoroughly enjoyed it. My stomach issues are acting up again(I’ve had for months)  though as well  so I don’t feel well again and had to lay down and I THINK I MAY have figured out the cause( frequent  on and off nausea, “full” feeling, feeling like something’s “stuck” and pressing on something, and often feels like I have a lump of food stuck in my throat as well) I might have a hiatus hernia, like my cousin has a recurring problem of as well( so it may be genetic,too)as does her daughter, but can only be fixed surgically; oh,that’s just “great”; I’ll have to go to the hospital and get it looked at some time, uggghhh….

Cake2014…and here is my birthday cake! It has a hippo on it but the only way to get a hippo theme is to get a kid’s “Madagascar” theme cake, oh,well, what the heck! I even get to keep the little hippo figurine,too! (I’ll give the other ones to the kids.) I think I’ll put it up on my shelf in my bedroom.

Happy Birthday To Me!

HippoBirthday2014 Today is my birthday, I’m 47. I feel so old, like a fossil.Today’s also the day that BOTH my mother and I most regret; the day I was born. It’s still early so I don’t know what cards I got (although I know the 12, 10,and 6 YR olds made me some; I heard the 14 YR old say she fees like she’s “forced” to and the 15 YR old said he’s “obligated to” and they just don’t bother because they don’t care)or if I got any gifts( I don’t expect to,though; I don’t usually) until later  but I know I’ll get a cake( maybe there will even be a hippo design on it?) and I decided to have a donair(instead of a Big Mac) for my birthday dinner since we have buy- one- get- one- free McDonald’s coupons and we’ll end up using them anyway so this way I’ll eventually end up with both at some point( a Big Mac AND a donair) if I have the donair now. I’ll post an update later on if there’s anything else to add. My birthday’s never a big deal though( for me or for my family) and is just like any other day and pretty much goes unnoticed.

As well, it’s so cold( and some places in the Maritimes got 100 cm of snow!) we even had what they call “Frost Quakes”; where water in the ground freezes so quickly it expands so fast that  it explodes, making a loud “BOOM!” sound, sounding like an explosion,and it wakes people up, you can hear it inside your house, and it’s scary, prompting several panicked 9-11 calls, and I even heard one yesterday,too! Today it’s also been 2 weeks since the ice storm and there’s STILL 700 people in Toronto and across the province without electricity, which is inexcusable, and just when I thought this Big Brother fascist Police State couldn’t get any worse now Toronto Public Housing is trying to ban people from smoking in their own homes,too! I don’t smoke but I still think is a violation of civil rights! Just because it’s the ghetto doesn’t mean that they still don’t have rights!

The 10 YR old also decided to start growing dreadlocks because she’s always got knots in her hair (“Natty dread”) and hates brushing her hair, and the “Black Market Bakery”( they sell us baked goods out of the back of their truck) didn’t come yesterday like they were supposed to,either, so now we don’t have any breakfast for this weekend OR our Sunday dessert/after church treat, and I was disgusted to learn about yet ANOTHER secret shame this country tries to hide: in 1949 there was an asbestos workers strike in Quebec and the Archbishop of Montreal Charbonneau sympathized with the starving workers and urged the people to aid them; it wasn’t political; he just cared about those in need, and Premier Duplessis accused him of being pro-union and against the gov’t because so he helped to feed the starving and needy and so  Duplessis had the Vatican demote  and exile him; he ended up as a confessor to nuns and died 10 YRS later a broken man; his only “crime” was helping the poor, and the official version was that he resigned but in actual fact he was forced  out; another of this country’s dirty little secrets,and Duplessis also tried to outlaw Jehovah’s Witnesses from the province as well; persecuting religion(which continues to this day)! This country is a disgrace. I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassed and ashamed I am to live here.