What I Wish I Knew Then.

Thinking What I wish I knew then, when I was younger, what I have learned over the YRS and wish I had known all those YRS ago that I know now, that I wish I could have told my younger self, looking back:

– You will always be a social reject; some things will never change

– Cherish your teen YRS because they will be some of your best YRS

– The 1970’s and 1980’s will be the best YRS of your life

– The kids that bullied you in school are now likely either dead or in jail and will always be losers

– You will never get better looking

– You wasted your time having all those crushes because none of them will ever like you back

– You won’t always be thin; once you hit 40 you’ll put on alot of weight,and I do mean ALOT,and dieting will no longer work,either

– Having kids won’t be what you think and you will regret it

– You will always have to settle in life and accept second best

– The best part of your life will be over by the time you’re 21

– Your friends(and other strangers) will care for you more and treat you better than your own family

– Once you lose your happiness you will never find it again

– You will endure traumas, fear, stress, and worry that you never even knew was possible

– The worst is yet to come

– You will always be a victim in life

– The bullying will continue past school

– You will never find the love and romance you desire; it will be one of many things you will miss out on in life

– Your “break” in life will never come

– Things aren’t going to ever get any better

-The headaches will only worsen over time

-The people you love the most will betray you

– Always expect the worst because that’s what you always get

– You will end up regretting most of your life

– Your childhood will be the happiest time of your life

– What you most desire in life will always be out of your reach

– What comes easy for others will always be a struggle for you

– You can’t trust anybody

– The safety and stability you once knew will be taken away and you will never feel safe and secure ever again

– Your life will teach you to always be in survival mode

– Happiness will be elusive

-You will attempt suicide a few times and will be angry that you didn’t succeed

– You will long for the past, where you were happy

– Those concerns you had in school were nothing compared to the worries of real life

– Teen friendships are transient

– Some wounds can never heal