Hernia Yesterday I was woken up at 2 am with bad stomach pain so I went to the ER at 4:30 am and it was the best time to go as no one else was there and I was back home in an HR!(Usually you wait like 6 HRS!) They never did an exam or ran any tests though(I was hoping at least for a barium X-ray to see if it IS a hiatus hernia like I suspect but they said they don’t do them there….what kind of hospital doesn’t do a barium X-ray?) but the doctor did give me a prescription for Nexium to settle my stomach and a referral to the gastro specialist in the bigger city who will be calling me in the next few days to arrange an app’t but I likely won’t see him for a long time, possibly even MONTHS(with my gallbladder before it took 3 months to get the surgery from when I saw the surgeon and by then it was on the verge of rupture!), the way it goes in this country;all we do here is wait,and wait,and wait…My hubby gave me his cell phone to call him to pick me up once I was done,too, except I don’t know how to work those stupid things and I tried to dial the number but never got a dial tone so I just gave up and fished out 2 quarters out of my purse and used the pay phone in the lobby to call him!

I suspect I either have a hernia or a tumour but I feel SOMETHING stuck in there that wasn’t there before and doesn’t belong there( but whatever it is the specialist will find it and fix it; I feel like an old broken down jalopy that needs to go to the shop for an over haul) and it feels full, and like I have a watermelon in there as well as nausea and pain. I’ve had the fullness on and off for months now(and the feeling like a lump of food stuck in my throat on and off since April 2013) but for the past 2 weeks I’ve had it, the nausea, and the pain every DAY, so it’s getting worse,and the specialist will shove a tube down my throat down into my stomach(“scope”) to check but they’ll have to put me  to sleep for that, and my cousin said as well as hernias running in our family so does bowel cancer but my pain is above my belly-button, not below,and the best way to describe the pain is like a mix of being kicked in the stomach with severe gnawing hunger pangs and my cousin said her pain was worse than labour, but for me NOTHING was worse than that(not even surgery pain!) and this feels similar to my gallstones attack and I rate both about a 6/10 on the pain scale( and post-surgery an 8/10, my migraines a 10/10 and labour 12/10 in comparison) but I have been told I have a high pain tolerance,too….

It took my hubby 9 HRS to get my prescription filled as well(as he was busy) so I was suffering forever with the pain since 2 am(and I only slept 4 HRS all night because of it,too) and it wasn’t the Nexium prescribed(I was looking forward to the pretty purple pills,too!) but a substitute(I guess we don’t have it here) and it cost 50$ for just 30 pills( I take 1 a day) but luckily he has coverage from work which pays 80% and it did take the pain away(although my stomach still felt unsettled) for awhile but then it just came back a few HRS later.It was also 6 C and raining but then we got a flash freeze and it dropped down to – 25 C and now everything’s all ice, all due to a Polar Vortex and even most of USA is feeling the frigid cold and heavy snow that we get here in this country EVERY winter(Global Warming, my ASS!),and someone in India said about here,”How do you people SURVIVE over there?” My oldest didn’t(or at least I THOUGHT he didn’t) wish me a Happy Birthday,either,and it’s not like him so I was worried he had Swine Flu( there’s a bad outbreak where he is) and was either in the ICU or dead, but it turned out he was just in Red Deer for the weekend up at a friend’s cottage(and got stuck in a blizzard!) with no Internet access and had sent me a message the day before but I never got it! He also said he’ll “always love me” which was so sweet( I’ll always love him,too,and he’ll always be my Number One Son!) I’m just relieved he’s ok, and I got the shits from the icing on my birthday cake from my lactose intolerance,too; I took my pills but they didn’t work!