The Tub.

Tub Now that the plumber finished fixing the leak (although for some reason my hubby still thinks there’s a leak he hasn’t found and that it’s STILL leaking thru the floor down to the ceiling from the tub somewhere) my hubby sealed around the tub with some sort of caulking/ rubber sealant, only it came out of the tube this revolting diarrhrea/ shit brown colour( you can see it in the photo here) and I had hoped that maybe once it dried in the 24 HRS that it dried clear…..but no such luck( because things never work out for us) even though it SAID it was for bath tubs and it never said it was any other colour other than white or clear, so now it looks REALLY ugly and we’re stuck with this ghetto-looking tub, making the house look like even more of a slum than it already did before! WHY can’t things just ever go RIGHT for us for once? Originally my hubby said he’ll just rip it all off and re-do it but that’s too much trouble and will take too long so what he decided to do now it just get a white waterproof paint and just paint over it, hoping that’ll blend in more, match,and look better….

As well, the thought occurred with my stomach pain,nausea, and other issues what if it’s NOT just a hiatus hernia like I’d thought but something much worse….like a tumour or stomach CANCER? My biggest worry if it IS(and I die) is the 10 YR old who would be so distraught that she’d said before if I died that she’d KILL herself and that’s my biggest concern; I want to make sure that SHE’D still be ok, that she wouldn’t kill herself, and that she’d still be able to be happy! She also found a 6 inch figurine she was looking for( for her birthday) for 50$ (from 200$) online except shipping costs over 50$ and that happens all the time in this stupid country; shipping costs so much; it costs the same or more than the item itself, and “Aunt Flow” came as well so now not only am I queasy and have stomach pain from whatever’s going on with that but now I also have cramps,too,both at the same time! The kids were also moving furniture in their rooms at night while I was up in bed trying to sleep,and after just 4 HRS sleep the night before I was furious!

On the news they also said USA rated our food inspection process here as barely adequate and rated it the lowest of 3 possible ratings, just barely passable for export(mainly due to all the e-coli in our beef) showing once again how inadequate and half-assed this country is and how it falls behind the standards of other countries, and a FB friend(I’ve known since grade 6) had racy photos posted and she was dressing slutty like she always does with her huge implant boobs popping out of her low-cut top and wearing a micro-mini dress and it made me think how embarrassed her teenage daughter( in grade 9) must be of her mother looking like that(and with all the guys always leering at her); being 46 YRS old and she still dresses like a bimbo,and the sad thing is that she’ll probably grow up to be a slut just like her mother, too, and I also saw a photo on FB of one of the bullies who tormented me in Jr. High and he used to be good-looking and popular and all the girls liked him and now he’s FAT and not-so-good-looking anymore(I’d never recognize him!) and just looks like an ordinary guy and the strange thing is when I looked at his picture he DIDN’T seem so intimidating anymore!