Hippo Silhouette.

HS I have “writer’s block” today so here’ s a hippo silhouette. It’s all I’ve got.

My hubby also went to the dentist to get more work done on his crown, and he got new glasses as well but it takes 2 WEEKS before they’ll be ready, despite some places elsewhere where they’re ready in just 24 HRS but everything here is ass-backwards, and I saw an American commercial on TV and it said it only costs 79$ a month for internet, landline phone and cable combined and WE pay 30$ for phone, 50$ for internet and 128$ for our TV satellite which is over 200$ a month! I’m sick of always getting over-charged for everything in this country all the time! My hubby tries to “justify” it as we have a smaller population so they have to charge us more to make $$$ but that’s no reason for us to always have to over pay for everything and be ripped off! I HATE this place so MUCH and am so SICK of this! Even other places with smaller populations still don’t get the shaft like we always do here! Canada just SUCKS!!

The 10 YR old was also waiting patiently in line with her plate for a piece of pizza for dinner, ahead of the 6 YR old and my mother just ignores her and serves HIM first (because she likes him better and doesn’t like her) and when I told her off she shrieked at ME calling ME a “bitch”,and MY piece was the one that was soggy and wet as well, and just my typical “luck”,too: of my 2 weekly magazines(which I look forward to and are my only pleasure in life once a week) of course it HAD to be my fave. one that didn’t come in this week; it wasn’t delivered, even checking in 3 different stores; NO ONE had it! Doesn’t it FIGURE?

I’m a jinx.