When I Was Happy.

MeAge6 Here I was on my 6th birthday, in 1973. I was so happy then. You can even see it on my face. Life was good. I was a happy kid. I had no idea what was in store, what the future held.How could I have possibly known?

MeAge11 Here I am at age 11, the best YR of my life, still smiling and happy, long  before everything changed. I still had several YRS ahead of me until I would lose my joy.This would be the time I would spend the rest of my life wishing I could return to.

MeAge16 Here I am at age 16. Still able to smile, still happy. Life still hadn’t turned on me yet. I wouldn’t be broken with the worst of the traumas for several more YRS.I had survived 2 of them up to this point but remained unscathed otherwise and generally happy despite it.

MeAge18 Here I am in 1985 (with my Chihuahua Yuri) at age 18. I graduated highschool and was so full of hope and promise. I thought I had an exciting future ahead of me but little did I know that in just a few short YRS it would all fall apart.

MeAge19 At age 19, and I wouldn’t be smiling for too much longer. Time was quickly running out and I would just have 2 more YRS left until the best part of my life would soon be over. I didn’t know it at the time but life as I knew it would drastically change and would never be the same again and neither would I.When I was happy would just become a distant memory.