The Talking Hippo.

TalkingHippoApp The 10 YR old found this really cool talking hippo app for the Tablet (that also works on Android phones) that we have sooo much fun with! It repeats back to you whatever you say( incl. swear words!) in a funny high speed voice( like a cassette tape machine on fast-forward) and it’s hilarious! The 6 YR old accidently poked it as well and it cried and I tried to tickle it hoping it would laugh but it cried and then the 10 YR old got mad at me and chewed me out and made me feel like shit(Our  number one rule is “Don’t ‘diss the hippo!”).For a joke we also convinced the 6 YR old that he had a tail when he was a baby but he doesn’t remember it and it fell off  as he got older and I was so convincing that even the 10 YR old asked me if it was real or not! My leg’s finally better now,too, but it took 6 days and I still haven’t heard anything yet(it’s been 10 days) from the gastro specialist about an app’t,either,and my hubby’s in Toronto for work and while he’s there he’s got a big long list of stuff to look for that everyone’s looking for that we can’t find here.

I also cracked up laughing hearing the radio DJ refer to a woman’s “lady bits” as a “Furby” and I just about DIED laughing because it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, and they said on the news in Edmonton they found a pipe bomb in this guy’s luggage at the airport but all the security did was confiscate it; they STILL let him board his flight and never even called the authorities; they never even called the RCMP and had him arrested until he returned home 4 DAYS LATER( and all he got was a 1 YR suspended sentence and a 100$ fine!) this country really IS so half-assed it’s beyond BELIEF!  The 19 YR old also got a nice surprise when he got his bank statement: he had 500$ deposited into his bank account from his former job he was fired from in the summer( for standing up to corruption, injustice,and shadiness) and he went to a job fair yesterday as well and applied for a job at a storage facility. I also heard on the news that the average monthly cell phone bill here is 100$ but in USA is 50$ and in Europe only 25$ so once again(as always!) we’re getting over charged, ripped off, cheated, gouged, and screwed over, and we only have 3 cell phone companies here that have a monopoly and mainly due to the gov’t’s strict regulations on foreign investment so there’s no competition to lower prices! Canada SUCKS!!

I hate this dumb-ass town so much as well and am so desperate to escape  it just makes me want to strap on a suicide vest and if aliens ever landed here they wouldn’t find any intelligent life HERE, and when I was saying how the 6 YR old’s so much worse than all the other kids combined my mother snickered to me, “Be careful what you ASK for because you just might GET it!” (alluding to the fact that I’d wanted another baby *before* I had him) and then sneered (referring to how we moved to Los Angeles in 1984 at MY “insistence”, and about me getting married and having kids) “Have you LEARNED by NOW?” and chuckled how I “always ask for things and want things” but it never works out and I end up regretting it but I never learn……yeah…all because I had the “nerve” to have HOPE and be OPTIMISTIC and to be stupid enough to think that maybe NEXT time things will work out and NEXT time things will be better…but they never DO and my break never comes….I never learn… now I’ve just given up. Given up hope. Given up on life. Given up on myself. I guess she’ll be happy now.(yet I somehow doubt it and that’ll be MY fault,too.) She’s been crushing my hopes and dreams for as long as I can remember.