Broken Families.

BrokenFamily I read a blog the other day about how she said even though her parents divorced when she was young that she wasn’t a divorced statistic and how it actually made her a better person; how it just meant that she had 2 families and even more people to love her, but *I* was the opposite; I was the typical statistic of a broken family: my parents separated( divorce isn’t allowed in our church) when I was only 2 YRS old and I never saw my father again. All I saw of him was the 1 photo I had of him at the beach in the Bahamas when he was young and all I knew about him was all the horrible, awful things my mother told me about him,and the only memory I had of him was when I was sitting at my little wooden table and chairs and wouldn’t eat my cheese sandwich and he came out of the shower, dripping wet and naked, and smacked me. So I grew up unwanted and unloved by BOTH my parents,and I hardly ever saw my mother as she was always at work and I was either left home alone or farmed off to daycare or babysitters who abused me and the odd time that she DID spend time with me she treated me like crap. I was rejected right from the start.

I basically ended up raising myself and to top it off I was a lonely only child so I withdrew into myself and lived a very lonely solitary existance but at least I didn’t end up like my friend from grade 8 who also came from a broken home; she had sex as a teen and ended up a mother at 16; looking for love in all the wrong places; instead I just became riddled with anxiety disorders and depression, which YRS of bullying in school also didn’t help, to add to my Asperger’s and Social Phobia(and only worsened it) and I never learned how to love or to parent as I was never loved or parented and was just left to my own devices, having to fend for myself from a very young age. I grew up not being able to bond with people, not being able to trust, to be intimate or get too close to anyone, not knowing what having a father is like, and I felt like a freak because being in a single-parent family as a kid back in the 1970’s wasn’t common like it is today; I was the only kid without a dad(and who had a mother who wasn’t at home but who worked) and I felt like a freak. I didn’t have a chance right from the start. A broken dysfunctional family makes a neglected, emotionally damaged and emotionally stunted child that turns into a messed up adult and families are the backbone of society, so…

As well, people on an online forum attacked me for saying that I hate Canada and hate living here even though I have good reasons for it and have the right to my opinion,and someone else from the UK said they were deciding to either  immigrate to  Canada or South Africa when they retired but to move here one of the requirements was that they had at least 250 000$ or more in savings(which leaves out ALOT of people!) which they didn’t have so they moved to Cape Town, where they’re very happy (good choice; Canada sucks and if they’d moved here I’m sure they’d have regretted it like lots of immigrants do once they come here and see what it’s really like) and the only thing they had a hard time adjusting to is one-ply toilet paper( easy enough solution: just use more) and that they don’t have 24 HR supermarkets( neither do we!) and whenever someone posts they’re against animal abuse I post I’M against PEOPLE abuse!

It also said on the news for the “average Canadian” to be able to “comfortably retire” that they should have 900 000$ saved up before they stop working and that’s just sooo unreasonable it’s an insult; NO ONE can ever afford to save that much between the astronomical cost of living in this country; paying mortgage and bills, etc. in the meantime; you’d work right up until you DIE and you’d STILL never have that much saved; no one can afford to retire with that expectation,and all you get here on gov’t pension is 450$ a month! Things just cost so much here you can’t even afford to LIVE, let alone retire! This country SUCKS! I’m so desperate to leave if only I had the $$$ to move! My mother also said she’ll get a line of credit at the bank to be able to pay the plumbing but still has no idea how she’ll pay it BACK, though! This country is bleeding us dry.