21Jan. Frozen. Frigid cold. Bone-chilling cold and it was even COLDER when I first woke up at 6 am; it was – 30 C! I can even SEE myself breathing. No matter what we do we just can’t get warm, even inside the house. It’s like living up in the Arctic.

…and there’s still 2 MONTHS of winter LEFT!!!


RoundUp – In June we’ll have 5 teens in the house at once. God help us. When the kids were younger we didn’t think this far ahead.

– It’s supposed to get to -35 C with the wind-chill today, the coldest day yet I think,and this is a long, brutal,and cold winter with lots of snow. It feels like it will never end….

– We had to throw out the cake we got for Sunday dessert ( I gave it to the squirrels actually, so we might see them falling out of the trees) as it turned out it had alcohol in it, but of course my mother never read the label(as always) ahead of time…but once she opened up the cake she could smell it so she read the ingredients then and saw it had alcohol, so we never got dessert this week.

– It’s been 2 weeks since I went to the ER with stomach pain and the doctor said he’d refer me to the gastro specialist and said I should hear from them in a “few days” about an app’t and I still haven’t heard anything yet so we called the hospital to have them check if the referral went thru and it did and they gave us the doctor’s name and number so we called them and they do have me on the list ok and they said they’re just working their way down the list and they’ll be calling but I just wanted to make sure that they DID get the referral ok and that I didn’t get lost in the shuffle and was just waiting and waiting for nothing.Everything in this country is as slow as Christ’s Second Coming!

– On the news they said that this country is the WORST at having the longest wait-times to get in to see family doctors(for those lucky enough to even HAVE family doctors, that is; millions of us don’t), to wait and at  the ER and to wait to see specialists compared to other countries ( no surprise here; it sucks and as always is the worst at EVERYTHING!!) and that Germany and the Netherlands was the best and had the shortest wait times and that they can get in to see their doctors the SAME DAY! That explains why lots of people LEAVE the country in droves to get quicker, better,and more timely access to medical care in other countries, but of course only the rich can do that; the rest of us are just S.O.L.We just have to wait months and months and hope that we don’t die in the meantime!

– My hubby and the 6 YR old were fooling around and throwing something and it made one of my plaques fall off the wall, shatter and break. Of COURSE. It’s always MY stuff,and after all that my hubby refused to even take the blame and even excused that the “vibration of a truck going by could have shaken the wall and made it come off.” Yeah, right, only the vibration of a truck DIDN’T make it fall off; THEY did, and it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been fooling around and throwing things in the house like I’m always TELLING them NOT to! I really like the plaque,too,and it’s not he first time it’s fallen off the wall and broken(and had to be repaired) because of their antics, either!

– My friend L’s (from grade 10) father’s in the cardiac unit of the ICU and he’d be older than my mother( who turns 73 this YR) as my friend(who’s my age) is the youngest of several siblings, and she’s the only one born here,too; the others were all born in Hungary.

– I heard  they’re wasting 50 $ BILLION on the Sochi Olympics and it’s outrageous and such a waste of $$$ that should go to much better use to help the poor and eliminate poverty and can go to much better use put into social programs such as healthcare, education,and the like,and it disgusts me how they HAVE the $$$$ but don’t spend it on what really MATTERS(and not something so meaningless and useless as sports) and are so wasteful. It’s a disgrace.

– On the news they also said the reason Canadian airline service is so bad( incl. customer service) is there’s no accountability as they have a monopoly and there’s no other alternative so they can basically do what they want(plus everything in this country IS half-assed and inferior) and get away with it but why not just do what we always do; just take foreign carriers instead? We never take the crappy Canadian ones but always take the foreign ones( Lufthansa, KLM,etc.) which have MUCH better food, service, don’t lose your luggage, etc. WHY settle for shitless Canadian garbage when there IS another option? I make a rule to NEVER take Canadian airlines or use ANY Canadian stuff because it SUCKS!