This Sucks!

ThisSucks This parenting thing really sucks. I’m just not cut out for it. It’s a real struggle and a war I’m just not winning. I found out that despite repeated warnings the older kids snuck into the 6 YR old’s room(to hang out with the 15 YR old who shares his RM) later at night once he was up in bed asleep( and after I had already gone to bed; I go to bed early, before the teens, as I’m awake at 6 am) and woke him up, even though they were warned if they DO they’ll be punished. He told me what happened and the 10 YR old confirmed it as a witness yet when I confronted them about it they denied it and had the nerve to LIE right to my face, saying they weren’t in his room and kept insisting, yet when I gave them the overwhelming evidence the 12 YR old finally admitted they were; that they were “hanging out”(even though they can hang out in someone ELSE’S room) and when I asked why she shrugged they “forgot” they weren’t allowed to ( a lame excuse that neither my hubby or I “buy”) and why they lied the 14 YR old said she didn’t; that she “just said I wasn’t there at 10:30 pm” so they and the 17 YR old got punished( lost computer and TV for 24 HRS) for defying the rules and going in AND again for lying. I honestly don’t know WHY; are they REALLY that STUPID….or that defiant? That’s NOT the way I raised them; to sneak around and to lie. I’m just so mad. They continue to ignore my rules and defy me and lie to me….and there’s nothing I can do. They just DON’T listen to me or obey.They just don’t DO what they’re TOLD. I honestly wish I never HAD kids. It’s just SO much trouble and they’re so bad, cause me so much grief, and I had no idea it would be like this. If only I had known BEFORE. I’m not equipped for this.I can totally get those people that run away and disappear, starting a new life, walking away from their family, never looking back.It’s just too much.

As well, my hubby’s going to a cards tournament in Kingston for the weekend and will be staying at a fleabag roach motel( the only thing we can afford) overnight, the kind of place where they change the sheets every HR and I joke  he’ll probably come back with bedbugs, and Toronto Mayor Ford was caught videotaped drunk and ranting in public yet again and making Jamaican slurs, just days after he claimed he doesn’t drink anymore….still in denial and still lying. I used to be his # 1 fan but I’m so disappointed in him now. He seriously needs help; to get into treatment for his drinking and drugs, to choose his friends more wisely, to own up to his demons,and to get his ass to rehab. He’s a good mayor but continues to be an embarrassment to the city due to his addictions  and needs to take time off to deal with his personal issues which continue to plague him and cause public humiliation.