The Plumber, The Police, And The Fire.

Plumber The plumber was supposed to come but of course he didn’t; something to do with trouble with his truck due to the extreme cold ( – 30 C) and he was running late and of course it HAD to be US that missed out ( of COURSE; isn’t it ALWAYS?) and then the police showed up at our door; as it turned out they were looking for the girl next door( but they’ve already moved out; who knows; maybe to evade the police?) and accidently came to the wrong house,and I wonder what she DID? My guess would be either assault ( either got into a bar fight or a fight with her boyfriend) or drugs( either buying or selling) since that’s(and theft) usually what they arrest the rednecks around here for, and THEN we had a fairly big FIRE in our microwave! The 6 YR old was reheating his food and ran in yelling, “There’s a FIRE in the microwave!” and sure enough there was but we left the door closed and it burned itself out but the paper towel was all completely burnt to ash. You should have seen the look on the poor kid’s face though! I’d say that was more than enough adventure for one day, and as for the plumber when we said he’ll probably be here for a few days the 14 YR old thought he was sleeping over, and we had to hide the fake bomb that my hubby made( that we had in the livingroom) for a hide-and-seek type game,too; it looks so real with a timer, wires, and sticks of wood painted red like dynamite; we don’t want the plumber seeing it and calling the police and have the bomb squad and the RCMP showing up, hauling us off, interrogating  and torturing us, thinking we’re terrorists!

The 14 YR old also had this red, itchy rash all over her arms, legs, face,and back along with a runny nose and cough so it must be some sort of virus, and the older kids didn’t wash their dishes late at night after they ate like they’re supposed to, either( they never do what they’re told) and just left them in the sink overnight so when I woke up I didn’t have any clean dishes to cook with for breakfasts and lunches so now what we’ll do is every time they do that we’ll wake them up at 6 am the next day to wash them, and as for the problem of them going in the 6 YR old’s room at night once he’s in bed and waking him up( we forbid them) they suggested he sleep somewhere else and I don’t know WHO they think they ARE trying to kick him out of his own room and his own bed( we said no way) and now every time they “forget” and defy us and do it anyway their punishment( losing TV, video games, computer, etc.) will last a week instead of a day; whatever it TAKES until they LEARN!

One of the TV news reporters also re-Tweeted and favourited one of MY Tweets on Twitter as well, and they said on the news that PM Harper said that those that criticize Israel are “anti-Semitic” and that’s just ridiculous and that’s just like saying everyone who doesn’t like Obama is a racist; that’s just pulling the race card. I don’t like him because of his policies; not because of his colour. I don’t care WHAT colour he is,and it’s the same with Israel; just because you may not like their policies doesn’t have anything to DO with them being Jewish and it doesn’t mean you’re a racist. They just like to brand people racist that don’t agree with them as a way to discredit them and so people view them with less regard.