The Hole.

CeilingHoleTHIS is a photo of the hole in our ceiling the plumbers made trying to find the leak.( I had to use the Tablet to take it because when I needed the camera to take a photo of COURSE it was broken! Just my luck!) Of course there WAS no leak, just like *I* SAID; there were no new water stains on the ceiling, but of course no one ever listens to ME because they just think I’m dumb and don’t have anything worthwhile to say and don’t know what I’m talking about and never take anything I say seriously so my mother and hubby just ignore me and dismiss anything I have to say. As it turned out it’s just the pipes expanding with the extreme cold and it’s the creaking and groaning sounds of the expanding pipes that we kept hearing but had the pipes been copper pipes( which we used to have before, before we had all the plumbing redone a few YRS ago) they would have burst. There’s nothing we can do, except for patching up the hole, that is, which my hubby will get around to at some point, but he’s always busy so for now we’re just stuck with this horribly ugly hole in the livingroom ceiling, and all for nothing.

As well, 2 of the 14 YR old’s friends came over and they were doing prank phonecalls with one of the friends’ cellphones(our kids don’t have cellphones; they’re just status symbols kids have no need for and we can’t afford) and I remember doing that as a kid( we didn’t have call display then) and the funniest one was when I called a random number and asked if Jesus was there and they said, “No, he’s not but he’ll be back later; I’ll tell him you called!” It was so funny. Sometimes my friends and I would just call random phone numbers we got out of the phone book, other times we’d call our teachers or boys we liked. Sometimes you’d get some cranky person who’d threaten, “You dumb kids! I’m going to call the police!” I remember the time my friend D called  the pizza place and ordered 10 pizzas delivered to her neighbours and then watched as they were delivered, and  she got the number of this gay men’s hotline and we called it and got laughs. My hubby also got new glasses and got the crown on his tooth finished off and I hope he doesn’t use up all of the dental coverage for the YR just in this month! I only have 11 days left of my pills,too, and still no app’t with the gasto specialist yet so the stomach pain will be back again soon…

I also heard 1970’s singers The Captain and Tennille are divorcing after 39 YRS of marriage and I remember them from when I was a kid and it’s so sad,and if even THEY divorce after so long then it doesn’t give ANY marriage much chance, and that twat Justin Bieber FINALLY got arrested( for drunk driving and drag racing) at long last,too, and I wonder what took so LONG? After all his punk-ass antics( drugs, assault, vandalism) he finally got what he deserved; it’s about time(he’s such a punk) and what was he trying to DO,anyway; get “street cred?” and they also said on the news there’s a propane shortage here due to the high demand from the intense cold and prices have skyrocketed and there’s not enough to meet the demand,and a shortage of radiation oncologists as well and some 5700 cancer patients are untreated as a result; typical in this country; half-assed, inefficient, falling short, inept, unequipped,and inferior. Canada SUCKS!