Blog On!

BlogOn Why do I blog? I started a few YRS ago simply because it was storming out one July day and I was bored. There was nothing else to do but then I also found it was a good way to record my thoughts, our daily happenings and a way to express my feelings, frustrations, to share, to keep others updated on our lives, as a sounding board,to vent, as therapy to cleanse my troubled heart, a way to let out my hurt, to share our lives, to express my opinions, beliefs and thoughts, to let off steam, as a online diary, to share my experiences, to unburden my soul, to record happy memories, to write down funny things the kids said and did, to celebrate the minutia, as a timeline of life, and so on. There are so many reasons and so many usages. Of course whenever one puts their lives and personal issues, controversial opinions, and sensitive topics out there to the public they’re exposing themselves to criticism and “trolls”and people can be cruel because they’ll say hateful   things anonymously behind a computer screen that they’d never have the nerve to say to someone’s face but for the most part it’s been a rewarding and enriching experience I intend on keeping up for the foreseeable future.

As well, yesterday our Internet was down yet again( it usually does on average about once a week) and THEN GMail was down as well; for f*ck’s SAKE; what next; will the TV satellite go down,TOO? I’m so sick of everything so shitless and half-assed here and one of our toilet’s keep breaking as well; something with the chain and it won’t flush(so we can just pee but not use any paper and no one can take a shit) and my hubby’s away this weekend and no one else can fix it,  and we’re having snow squalls all weekend as well and it pisses me off how everyone cancels everything every time it snows or it gets really cold even though it’s WINTER and it happens every YR; it’s not like we live in a country that’s not equipped for it and you’d think they’d be USED to it, and the 6 YR old yelled at me, “No one loves YOU!” so basically just the usual crap that I get in my life. My cousin in Europe also said Canada is now banning a spread that goes on bread (I think it’s called marmite or something; I’ve never even heard of it) which doesn’t surprise me(even though it’s a stupid thing to ban!); the fascist Police State gov’t always banning, controlling,and regulating everything all the time. I hate this country!

A Facebook friend in Calgary( where our oldest lives as well) was also attacked at a Tim Horton’s 5 minutes from her house: her and her boyfriend and her 2 kids were in their car and got cut off so he gave them the middle finger and he was following them and yelling in a threatening way( road rage) so she called 9-1-1 and then they pulled into the Tim Hortons where they were swarmed by a gang of thugs who smashed in the driver’s side window and punched her boyfriend in the head and face(and she said lots of people were filming it with their cell phones but no one would help them!), and the police came and took a statement and said that area’s so bad that even THEY won’t go there alone! Shit! That’s so scary! She’s really shaken up by it and she said when she lived in the UK nothing like this ever happened to her(Canada sucks!) and it reminds me of when we lived in L.A; within a 2 week period both my mother and I were mugged separately and after that I was so scared I wouldn’t even leave my house for 2 weeks! My friend M( from grade 10) is also being forced into getting a bunch of vaccines ( she had to pay 300$ for,too) before she can immigrate to USA, incl. the Flu vaccine which she DOESN’T want to get, so, so much for “freedom!”