Crime I Have Known.

CrimeScene When one of my Facebook friends was the victim of a swarming the other day it reminded me of hearing once how most people in their lifetime will either be a victim of crime themselves or know someone who is and it got me thinking of the crime *I* have known and here’s what I came up with:

– When I was in grade 5 my French teacher was randomly attacked in her car while waiting at a stop light with her window down; the guy reached thru and sliced up her face with a knife. She never returned to school after that and I’d heard she was badly injured as well as badly traumatized and was never the same since.

– My grandparents’ house was burglarized when I was a kid.

– When my mother and I lived in L.A in 1984 we BOTH got mugged separately within a 2 week period.

– My mother worked with someone who’s sister was shot thru the heart and killed with a bow and arrow by her ex husband, an expert archer.

– Someone I worked with back in the 80’s was killed by the creep she was shacking up with; he slit her throat and her 12 YR old daughter was the one that found her.

– Someone I went to school with’s mother was killed and her father critically injured( I never heard how it turned out) in what was either a home invasion or a murder/ attempted-suicide between her parents.

– A friend in grade 8 said her uncle raped her and had a gun to her head but she lied as well so I don’t really know if I believe it or not.

– Days before we moved into this house( while it was still empty) someone broke into it using a crowbar and damaged the door.

– My long-time friend(since we were 12) had her luggage stolen out of the trunk of her car at the airport.

– 2 of my Facebook friends were raped.

-My hubby’s old room mate had his house set on fire on purpose; it was ruled arson.

– My uncle that lived in USA kept getting mugged at least 10 times.


As well, my pills are helping but I still get break-thru stomach pain( because I didn’t get what was prescribed but a cheaper generic version) but only have a few left so soon I’ll have it full time, and we have 2-for-1 coupons for McDonald’s for dinner tonight( the only way we can ever  get restaurant food; a rare treat) but the 14 YR old’s friend’s been coming over almost every day lately after her exams and  I don’t know what to do if she stays TODAY because we can’t afford to feed another person( $$$ is so tight) so maybe we’ll just have to tell her she has to leave early today, before we get the food, and on the news when the Finance Minister announced the federal budget would be released on 11 February the Liberal leader huffed that the Olympics would be on then and that IT’S “more important” and that people would be pre-occupied with THAT instead and I was thinking what an asshat; he has his priorities all wrong; the BUDGET is MORE important than the stupid OLYMPICS! What a tool! He’s obviously NOT fit to be leader!

My hubby also got this cool robot you can program for the kids’ science project he found at a specialty store that he’d tried to order online but they don’t ship to Canada( not to residential houses; only to stores)  and he couldn’t get the chemistry set he was looking for either as it’s been BANNED in this stupid country due to “prohibited chemicals” ( what, do they think people will use it to make bombs, or something, even though you can make bombs out of fertilizer, so will they ban fertilizer, now, TOO?) and all we’re allowed to get here in this shitless hell-hole are the crappy baking soda and vinegar experiment chemistry sets! Canada SUCKS! I HATE this country so MUCH! It’s so fascist and so stupid! I really wish I could leave except I have no $$$ and can’t AFFORD to move!