Happy Birthday Harry Styles!

HarryCake Here is the cake that  I helped the 10 YR old and the 12 YR old bake for One Direction singer Harry Style’s 20 th birthday, made from scratch, complete with Smarties on top. It’s chocolate, which they tell me is his favourite,and they even set up this fake Skype chat with “him” where they sang him Happy Birthday.It looks like it says “10” on it but it’s supposed to say ” 1D”. Oh, well.

The Shrew.

Shrew My mother is a shrew( no offence to shrews). Yesterday when I said I was putting my load of laundry in first thing because I wanted to get my work done early because I didn’t want to be stuck putting laundry away right before I went to bed at night she snarked, “You’re ALWAYS FIRST!” and THIS is EXACTLY what I MEAN and I really let her HAVE it’; I laid into her yelling at her that I’m SICK and tired of every time I say anything or do anything she ALWAYS has some mean, snarky, bitchy comment in return, turns everything around onto me, blames me, criticizes me, is hateful and mean, belittles and demeans me, turns my own kids against me, sabotages my discipline with my kids, over-rules and undermines me, and because my life has been a failure and nothing ever works out the way I’d hoped or planned she blames me sneering, “Be careful what you ASK for because you just might GET it!”(example: getting married and having kids) and says it’s MY fault for ASKING for things and wanting things, because I had the nerve to HAVE hopes, dreams,and goals( instead of just giving up or not having any ambition in the first place) and to keep trying, hoping next time things will be better( even though they never are) and she snickers, “Have you LEARNED yet?”( to stop hoping for and trying for things that never work out) and even though my life is utter shit and I’ve been thru hell and back with a lifetime of  neverending abuse, rejection, bad luck,misfortune, and traumas she doesn’t even think I have the RIGHT to BE upset or to complain,either, and yells, “STOP complaining!” and “I’m TIRED of always HEARING about it all the time!” instead of being supportive and understanding, and then tells me I “have nothing to complain about” and that I “have a great life”, “others have it much worse”, and I “should be grateful”.I also told her if she’s not part of the solution she’s part of the problem! Actually, she’s one of the BIGGEST problems!

She turns my kids against me as well and “buys” their affection; using $$$ as power and control, she gives them their allowance, and undermines me, such as if they get punished and I with-hold their allowance she’ll just give it to them behind my back, or if I withhold  a priveledge as a punishment she’ll just give it to them when I’m not looking, and she’s turned them against me; such as when she insults me and I defend myself she’ll say I’M being “mean” to HER or that I’M “abusive” or “picking on ” HER and she’ll go sobbing to the kids, “Guess what Mama did to me NOW?” and get them to feel “sorry” for her( acting like she’s a victim and a martyr) and to hate me, and it works,too. She’s also so lazy she doesn’t do her share of work ( and I have to pick up the slack)and makes everyone her slave, for example, she even got my hubby to get her popcorn( she can’t even put popcorn in the microwave, and I not only make MY own popcorn, I do it the old-fashioned way,too, on a pot on the stove!) and the 12 YR old to bring her a dish for her ice cream, and the 6 YR old to bring her heating pad, etc. she never does ANYTHING for herself! She’s the laziest, snarkiest, meanest, most spiteful,selfish, hateful person EVER yet she has them all wrapped around her little finger( and she uses the excuse she’s “old” yet if *I* ask for help I’M just “lazy”) and they think SHE’S so “great” but they hate me, and even my hubby’s afraid of her and won’t stand up to her( or defend me), and if I ever wanted to punch anyone in the face it would be HER; she’s ALWAYS goading, heckling, provoking, needling, hassling, and pushing me.Something’s got to give. I wish she would just move out but she refuses. She says *I* can leave if I don’t like it even though I have no $$$ and nowhere to go but there’s no reason she can’t get an apartment somewhere. She makes my life a living hell and she has for the past 47 YRS and then she wonders WHY I hate her…..

As well, I heard on the news the spy agency here was spying on travellers at the airports using the free Wi-Fi on their cell phones and laptops, not only intercepting their personal data and metadata but also tracking them for up to a week AFTER they left the airport as well, where they went, who their contacts were, etc.! Just when I thought this country couldn’t POSSIBLY suck any MORE than it does already it somehow always seems to manage! Welcome to the New World Order! Canada sucks! I HATE this fascist Police State country so MUCH! I HAVE to get OUT of this place! It makes me physically sick. We have NO privacy, rights, freedom, or legal rights anymore. It’s not even my country but rather I feel it’s just transient; just the place I’m here temporarily until I can get the hell out and go somewhere else.