Yet Another Reason Canada Sucks!

NoVideoInYour Country I see THIS all the time. On so many websites and news sites. I try to watch a video and this shows up more than I can count. This country SUCKS. We don’t get shit here( or, like my mother always says, “Shit is ALL we get here!”) Everything is always blocked, banned, prohibited, or censored, or just plain not available because we don’t have any selection or variety of goods or services here; no competition,nothing to keep prices down or to offer variety or quality. Yet another reason this country sucks and I’m so desperate to leave. There’s NOTHING here.Nothing but poor quality, high prices, limited selection, and unavailability. It’s like a Third World country.

“Ketchup” Post.

K1 Catching up:

– My hubby’s charged so much on his credit card that now he can’t use it anymore and we don’t even have any $$$ to get the kids’ school curriculum and he says we have to wait until September  now ( I always like to order ahead in case the workbooks are out of stock or on back order) but by then it’s too late; that’s when school’s already started! I’m always telling him to NOT spend more than he has; to make sure he has the $$$ saved FIRST and to always pay the amount at the end of the month and NOT go into debt, but he never listens to ME!

– I watched a Bob Marley documentary and even though I’m a huge fan I still learned alot; things I didn’t know before, such as he was shot, he was a “harsh” father(he had 11 kids like me!), ran sort of a Rastafari “commune” at his house with strict tenets, rules, and regulations, and that he never left a will. It was very educational, enlightening, and inspirational.

– I hate this country so much and I pray to God every day to get me out of here. I don’t belong here and I never have. I wish I could be deported.

– I hate my life so much and if my life was a house I’d burn it down. I’ve thought of hanging myself with a rope from the ceiling fan but I  don’t think it would work as I’m so fat with my heavy weight it would tear it down off the ceiling and just come crashing down, along with part of the ceiling, not being able to bear the weight.

– I was tickling the 10 YR old and as a reflex she elbowed me in the nose and it hurt so much but so far I don’t have a black eye…

– We need a new toaster as it takes over 15 minutes to toast and the bread still comes out white but we just  don’t have the $$$$ to buy a new one. I hate being poor. I just wish we had $$$$ to be ABLE to replace things when we needed to instead of always having to make do with shit that doesn’t work.

– My hubby said I “pretend to forget about the 17 YR old” but I don’t “pretend”; I really DO forget and I told HIM, ” I don’t pretend; it’s easy to forget about someone you never see, when she’s always up in her room all the time!”

– Toronto Mayor Ford was fined in B.C now for public drunkenness,too, and he just doesn’t seem to learn, and an upcoming book claims his wife’s been trying to get him into rehab since 2010 and he refuses to give up cocaine, and he also has a history of domestic assault on his wife and threatening to kill her; he has this dark side and is secretly a monster except now it’s not so secret anymore.

– Our second-oldest living in Japan can’t find clothes that fit as she’s so tall and has such big boobs( as Japanese people are generally short and petite) so she has to order everything online, just like I do here,too, only I have to for another reason( although I have big boobs too and can’t ever find shirts that fit; everything’s always too tight on the chest,too) I have to because we don’t have any selection or variety of goods in this country and have to import everything!

– I was eating and my hubby wanted me to help him with something and when I told him I was eating but I’d do it after he sarcastically snarled, “‘THANKS’ for HELPING!” thinking I’d just instantly  drop what I was doing because HE said so, jump when HE says “jump!”, that I don’t even deserve to eat. What an asshole.

-When I asked why my mother’s so lazy and always has everyone do everything for her all the time and never does anything for herself her excuse was it’s “helping” (yet if *I* tried that I’D  just be called “lazy!”) and then huffed, “I helped everyone else my whole life, now it’s time that others helped ME!” and I told her, “You were a NURSE! That was your JOB! That’s what you were PAID to do!” My God, that woman thinks she’s a martyr! She really IS a piece of WORK!!