Last Thing…

LastThing THE LAST THING …..

-1. I Ate:

– A brownie.


2. I was sad about:

– Hearing actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose.


3. I did:

– Go to church.


4. I saw( movie):

– I forgot the name but it was about a bunch of famous people at a party at actor James Franco’s house when the Apocalypse hit.


5. I saw on TV (show):

– “Criminal Minds.”


6. That got me mad:

– I couldn’t view a video because it wasn’t available in this location; this happens alot; you can’t get videos in this country as they’re blocked.


7. That made me laugh:

– A funny picture that the 10 YR old drew of someone biting someone’s face.


8. I want to do before I die:

– Get a Chihuahua.


9. I learned that was interesting:

– That Muslims shave their pubic hair off ( I honestly never knew that! You learn something new every day!)


10. Kind of chips I had:

– Pringles sour cream and onion.


11. I had for dinner:

– Grilled cheese.


12. I did before this:

-Watch the news.


13. I did outside:

– Throw bread crusts out to the squirrels and birds.


14. I went to the hospital for:

– My stomach pain.


15. I did with the kids:

– Baking.


16. That happened to me that was embarrassing:

– The 10 YR old said I “smelled like ‘rude-part'”.


17. I saw that was cute:

– A photo of a baby polar bear cub.


18. I saw that was ugly:

– My face in the mirror.


19. I do before bed:

– Say my prayers.


20. I did with my favourite person:

– Kissed her.





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