Ontario Hydro Sucks!

HydroRates If you don’t think we’re getting over-charged and royally screwed over for hydro rates here in Ontario just look at THIS: this proves we’re charged way more for OUR electricity than people in the other provinces! We’re also monitored on so-called “Smart meters” that monitor our electricity usage and there’s peak times where they charge more( twice as much as during “off HRS” and of course the “peak” HRS are when it’s most convenient such as to do laundry, like during the day but the highest rates, and the “off” HRS are  the cheapest but at the worst times, like during the night) We’ve had monthly hydro bills over 600$! Things are just so expensive here and a friend in USA says her electricity bill is just 150$ a month! The Liberals have destroyed this province and turned it from a “have” province into a “have-not” province. They’re such dickweeds! I sure hope when we have a spring election( which looks more than likely) that we can vote them OUT! Astronomically high hydro rates is just one reason Ontario sucks,and one reason why Canada sucks!

As well, when I told the 12 YR old that a word wasn’t French (when she said it was) she went to my hubby to verify, not believing ME, and it really bugs me that they always do that;no one ever believes me because they think I’m stupid and don’t know anything( even though *I* know languages better than him) and they always have to check everything I say with him(or my mother) to make sure, and the kids went tobogganing and snowboarding as well; might as well make use of all the snow, and when I die I want to die in my own bed, listening to Reggae, cuddling with the 10 YR old, and with a Chihuahua snuggling in next to me! I also got info in the mail from the gastro specialist about my procedure(permission forms to sign, it seems like I’m going on a field trip, info on the test,instructions, where to register, etc.) and they said I have to fast (NO food OR drink) from Midnight the night before…..except my procedure isn’t until 1 pm the next DAY so that’s 13 HRS(and I won’t be able to eat until later; I have to be in the recovery RM for an HR after as well)….I’ll be STARVING(and dehydrated) and I  still have to take my medications in the morning as well and I need a sip of water for that….Shit.

I was pissed off as well to hear how racist haters said they’re going to boycott Coca Cola for their recent commercial where they were singing “America The Beautiful” in various languages, when it was all about embracing diversity and how America is a “Melting Pot”, and they were all like “You don’t respect America enough to sing it in English?” “Why don’t they go back where they CAME from?” etc. I can’t believe how racist  people are! It just boggles my mind. They’re just as bad in this country,too.Some people just SUCK!