Sweet 16!

Glitter Text Generator Today one of the kids turns 16, our 7 th child! In all honesty I can’t believe he made it this far though as it was with him that I was bleeding heavily from 10 weeks pregnant, so bad I soaked thru my mattress, and I thought I had miscarried  yet again and had to be on bed rest for a week if I wanted a chance for him to survive( and even then it was just a 50-50 chance). The bleeding continued for the next 10 weeks and then started up again at 35 weeks where I also passed a huge blood clot and he’d stopped moving so I took an ambulance to the hospital and he was born the next day, premature, at just 35 weeks, not breathing and was revived,and spent the next week in the NICU where he had several periods where he’d stop breathing and he was even baptized in the NICU as we didn’t think he was going to survive, but he did, having almost died twice already.Then when he was 7 he had leukemia(and I’ve always wondered if there was any “link” to his being premature) and almost died again but with the grace of God he beat that,too. Now he’s healthy and strong(with no side-effects from the cancer or chemo other than frequent bloody noses still) and even taller than I am, and it’s a miracle that he’s still here with us. He’s a typical teenager; mouthy, rude,and obnoxious, but I’m glad that he’s here; the alternative is too horrific to comprehend. I really didn’t think that he’d still be alive. I didn’t think he’d even live to be born,and then I thought he was born dead, then I thought he would die after birth, and then I thought the cancer would kill him when he was 7. Of all the kids the pregnancy, birth,and early childhood with him were definitely the most worrisome,frightening, and stressful(he says he’s worth it) and I still worry more about his health the most even to this day. Now he’s going to take driving lessons now he’s 16(he’s saved up his own $$$ to pay for the lessons) but, like his older siblings before him, even once he gets his license he still won’t be able to actually DRIVE our van because we still can’t afford the extra insurance. I’m so glad he’s made it this far, I really never thought he’d live to see this day but I’m so grateful that he has.Happy Birthday!