Happy Birthday Bob!

BMBday(new) Happy Birthday to Bob Marley, 6 February 1945- 11 May 1981.

As well, we had another snow storm yesterday and Cadets was cancelled yet AGAIN, for the 3 rd week in a row and I’m getting really sick and tired of this! The kids are really disappointed and really miss their activities and their classes will be behind now! I mean, it’s WINTER, people; you can’t just keep cancelling everything every time it snows; ADAPT!(I think they really couldn’t be bothered and it’s just an excuse) You can’t shut everything down for 5 months of the YR just because it’s winter! Life goes on. You’d think people would be used to it by now! People are such pussies! What country do they think this IS? This place is just sooo half-assed , ill-prepared,inept,and incompetent! Canada sucks! I wish I could get deported! The 10 YR old also made a stuffed toy for the 16 YR old’s birthday of his fave. Nintendo character and for the most part it was hand-sewn; only a small bit she did on the sewing machine and it took her a long time but it turned out really well and he really seems to like it, and the 12 YR old made herself a Duct Tape dress but it ended up stuck to her and it had to be cut off with scissors and she then just used more tape to re-attach it and now it looks like a cast and she uses it like a mannequin.

I also asked my cousins how long it took them to get test results after they had their gastroscopies done( it turned out they both have hiatus hernias) and they said they were told right away but they live in Europe; here in this country everything is slower than Jesus’ Second Coming, esp. when it comes to medical care; app’ts’, referrals, tests, procedures, surgeries, test results, etc. everything takes forever and we wait and wait and wait so I probably won’t know until at least 2 weeks or so after the test’s done,and we got a new toaster,and it’s a fancy one,too: a stainless steel Black & Decker with 4 slots and it’s supposed to be 75$ (who the hell pays 75$ for a TOASTER?) but we got it half-price for 35$  at Canadian Tire(which is more like it) and that’s the only way we could afford it; we only ever buy things on sale as we can’t afford to pay full price and now it’s nice to finally have a toaster that toasts the bread a golden brown(instead of just staying white) and that doesn’t take 15 minutes or longer to toast! My hubby’s started to fill in the hole in the living room ceiling as well; it’s all drywalled, puttied and sealed up, now it just has to be sanded and painted!