10 Things.

10Things 10 THINGS:

1. I hate fish. I hate the smell of fish and I hate the taste of fish. It’s just so gross. Both the smell and taste make me feel sick.

2. I heard a word today that describes me perfectly: “Chronically traumatized.” That’s me; a person with a life of non stop never ending trauma, unresolved traumas that have fractured my psyche, with  chronically elevated stress levels that just make me want to obliterate my life.

3. The 14 YR old made the 16 YR old a birthday card even though she never made me one for my birthday last month, using the excuse she doesn’t make cards anymore as she felt “obligated” and “forced”  when obviously she still does; she just makes them for people that she likes and not for people that she doesn’t. It’s a very hurtful realization. I’ve been hated and rejected my entire life;  now even by my own kids.

4. Our Internet service provider phoned us and told us we use too “much” and threatened if we don’t cut back they’ll terminate our contract even though we have an “unlimited” Internet( false advertising much?) but we want to switch companies anyway as they suck; on average our Internet goes down once a week.

5. I think my anatomy is broken as my body expels tampons; they just don’t stay in but keep falling out. It’s just so weird.

6. I am honest , always follow my conscience no matter what and my love for truth and justice and God’s Word is uncompromising but people take it the wrong way and see me as unwilling to compromise or grant concessions and just think that I stubbornly and unreasonably stick to my own opinions.

7. I have never seen a single episode of “Seinfeld” , “Friends”, “American Idol”,  “Dancing With The Stars”, or “Duck Dynasty” and have never had any desire to. They look so lame and I don’t understand all the hype.

8. I once passed a blood clot the size of a cantaloupe melon.

9. My favourite part of a cracker is the dark brown part around the edges where it’s extra cooked.

10. I wish I could renounce my citizenship and get deported.