I Couldn’t Care Less!

Olympics(new) I’m already sick and tired of always hearing about the stupid Olympics all the time! Who CARES! It’s so boring and I couldn’t care LESS! I’d rather inject Drano into my eyeballs than watch it! I have better things to do and it’s all just such an awful waste of $$$$ and it takes over the news, and pre-empts all the regular TV shows and no one in our house will be watching it. I mean, who CARES who wins medals, sports are redneck anyway, it’s a waste of time,meaningless, and besides, competition is nothing more than pride which is a sin. I just hope Canada doesn’t win anything though  not because I care about sports(because I don’t) but simply because Canada sucks and I hate it and it doesn’t deserve to win anything. They have all these commercials as well saying how the Olympics bring the country together to cheer on the athletes, etc. but not for me; I hate this country, I’m not proud to be Canadian (I’m embarrassed!) and I care as much about the Olympics as I do about all sports( which is not at all) and I’ve never had “Team Spirit” even back in highschool; I’d just go to school, do my work, and come right back home; I didn’t do any of the after school activities or go to the football games or anything and didn’t have any “School Spirit.” That’s never been my “thing.” I have zero interest. As well, in cities all around the country they’re flying the rainbow gay pride flag in support of GAY athletes in place of the usual Canadian flag and it’s just so stupid; just a political statement of the gay agenda which has nothing to DO with the Olympics(and once again everything has to be about the gays all the time and they have special rights and status) and Toronto Mayor Ford wants it removed saying it’s not appropriate and he’s right; it’s not; flaunting the sin of sodomy, and this country has become the modern-day Sodom and Gemorrah and it disgusts me to no end how immoral it is and I  can’t wait to get out of here( my mother said we won’t unless we win the lottery and can afford to move even though gambling’s sinful and we don’t play the lottery for that reason but maybe my hubby will get a job transfer overseas….I keep praying…) and I hope it also receives the same punishment Sodom and Gemorrah did,too!

As well, I wonder if perhaps my stomach pain might NOT be physical afterall( and when they do the test won’t find a medical cause) but rather emotional pain and distress from a lifetime of trauma and YRS of abuse and stress finally taking it’s toll transferring itself into physical pain? If so, my mother and hubby say it’s my own fault for worrying so much even though I’ve always been a worrier, anxious, high-strung, and nervous; it’s just my personality and temperment plus how YRS of traumas have made me; damaged and full of anxiety disorders; I can’t exactly help it, and my hubby and 2 of the kids have colds now,too,and I hope *I’m* not sick or have a cough for my procedure next week or else they’ll postpone it( how can they put a tube down my throat into my stomach if I’m coughing?) but with MY luck I probably will as things don’t exactly go right for me,  and thru a friend I found out my true love wrote on his Facebook (I tried to add him as a friend YRS ago but he blocked me) that he doesn’t add people as friends because he either doesn’t want to relive the past or didn’t really like them to begin with, so I wonder with me which one it was….with MY “luck” most likely the latter.

The 14 YR old also ignores me now as well and doesn’t talk to me or even reply anymore when I talk to her or ask her something; she’s getting more and more like the 17 YR old now,too(and that’s not a good thing) and the 19 YR old thinks I’m “ignorant” for believing God created the universe and for not believing in evolution and says I’m “stupid” for believing in God too and he mocks my faith and religious beliefs and I hate the way my kids treat me. I don’t know why I ever bother.