Blog Quiz.


)   Why do you blog? :To remember stuff that happened, to share my opinions and ideas, to vent, as an online diary, as therapy, as a hobby, for fun.


2)   What is a movie that you could watch all day, every day on repeat?: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


3)   What are 3 things you like about yourself?: My strong sense of justice, moral values, and faith in God.


4)   What is one makeup disaster that you hate? :When mascara gets wet and “bleeds” black all down your face and you look like a raccoon!


5)   Who is your biggest role model in your life and why?:Anyone who stands up for what’s right.


6)   Flats or heels? And why?: Flats, because heels hurt your feet!


7)   What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?: Sit outside in the sun.


8)   What is one item of clothing that you couldn’t live without?: My fur hat.(It keeps my bald head warm in winter!)


9)   What is your favorite thing in your closet?: Probably my crushed velvet rainbow skirt.


10) Best thing you’ve done for someone and the best thing that someone done for you?: Bringing the homeless in to get food(best thing I’ve done). Rescuing me from bullies beating me up( best thing someone did for me(a boy in school; thanx, Tim)


11) What is your favorite print to wear?: Tie-dye.

12) Favorite food?: Indian.

13) Dream job? : Pilot or acheologist.

14) Fave. singer/ band? : Bob Marley.

15) Fave. piece of jewellery?: Hanging gold and ruby earrings I got in Russia(but they burned in the fire)

16)Fave. store?: “Garage Clothing.”

17) Fave. book or magazine?: Beverly Lewis’ Amish themed books

18) Fruits or veggies? : Fruits

19) Fave. hobby?: Reading.

20) Describe yourself in one word?: Bereft.

21) Skirts or jeans? : Skirts.


As well, in church there was a woman who went in just steps ahead of us who took our seats and when I gasped loudly in surprise to the kids, “She stole our seat!” she said, “I can move!” and she did(ha,ha), and I went to confession as well and I mentioned to Fr. T about my gastroscopy and asked him to pray for me and he said he would and he said that he had it done TWICE and that I have nothing to worry about (I told him I was nervous about it; the idea of a tube being shoved down my throat into my stomach makes me very uneasy) and that the tube’s small; about the size of spaghetti and that I won’t even remember a thing, and I was horrified to hear in the news as well about a zoo that killed an 18 month old giraffe as they didn’t want inbreeding and I’m no animal freak but this was just uncalled for and mean; other zoos offered to take it (which would avoid the inbreeding concern right there)and they’d refused, and to make it even WORSE is they dismembered it and fed it to the lions right in front of zoo patrons,too, incl. children! Now that’s just sadistic and SICK! I mean,seriously, what the f*ck is WRONG with people?