Things I’ll Never Understand.

DontUnderstand I know to each his own, yet I’ll still never understand how people can possibly like certain things, how they can make such a big deal over certain things, all the hype over certain things, and I don’t know whether or not it has anything to do with my Asperger’s or my own personal preference or perhaps a bit of both, but here is a list of things I’ll  never understand how people can like so much:

– Sports. Boring!

– Math. The bane of my existance!

– Country music! I’d rather cut my ears off than listen to it.

– Pop music( Katy Perry, Rihanna,  Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa,etc.)

– Redneck freak shows( “Duck Dynasty”, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, “Swamp People”, etc.)

– Talent shows( “American Idol”, “Dancing With The Stars”, “The X Factor”, “America’s Next Top Model”, etc.)

– Reality shows( “Big Brother”, “The Real Housewives Of——-(insert city here)”, “Jersey Shore”, etc.

– Talk shows(“Ellen”, “Oprah”,  “Katie”,etc.)

– Soap operas

– The Olympics

-Wrestling, NASCAR, UFC and other white-trash “entertainment”

– Dragon Ball Z ( and similar shows)

– Late night shows ( Leno, Letterman, “Colbert Report”, “The Daily Show”, etc.)

– Sex ( over-rated; it’s just a body function God enabled for procreation but society is sex-obsessed; I haven’t done it in 6 YRS or so and I don’t even miss it; it’s no big deal)

– Drugs and alcohol( sinful, and I was never into that scene)


As well, we get our new Internet installed on Friday and it’ll be 3 TIMES faster than what we have now, plus we’re getting new phonelines and phone,too, with voicemail, and now the stupid PVR( we should also get rid of as well as the satellite and switch to cable, we’ve had SOOOO much trouble with it lately) won’t let you record a show AND watch a recorded show on the PVR at the same time; if you do the show will stop recording and shut off,and every time the satellite downloads to update(which is usually once a week) 2-3 shows we’ve set to record get erased off the PVR and have to be re-set again,too! We also noticed 20$ we had on the kitchen table went missing(and we looked all over and couldn’t find it so it didn’t just fall somewhere) the same day the 14 YR old’s friend was here and we can’t help but wonder if maybe she took it( even though I hate to even think such a thing, esp. as I like the girl, but she DOES come from a troubled family so it’s not impossible) so the next time she comes we’ll set a trap: we’ll put $$ there, having recorded the serial number ahead of time….and see if it goes missing while she’s here and if it does we’ll confront her before she leaves. If so, I don’t think she should be allowed back( as I don’t want her to KEEP stealing from us) but my mother says if we DON’T let her come over anymore she fears as revenge she might report us for homeschooling or something just to get “back” at us.Oh, shit, victimized again….

I was also teaching the 6 YR old about plant reproduction for his science lesson and how there’s egg and sperm cells and how they fertilize into seeds and make new baby plants and then I told him it’s the same for animals and people,too; how the boys have the sperm cells that fertilize the girls’ egg cells(without going into detail HOW they GET there) and then he goes, “So Papa fertilized YOU to get US?” The 10 YR old’s sick now as well, so that just leaves the 6 YR old, the 14 YR old and my mother (I think, unless I forgot anybody) that hasn’t had the cold yet,and so far so good for me: mine is mild(because I’ve always irrigated my nose daily with the Neti Pot, which flushes it out,protecting it from bacteria, so I hardly get colds and when I DO they’re mild and don’t last for too long) and I’m still up doing my usual thing( whereas some of the others have been in bed for 3 days!) and no cough yet, so hopefully be ok for my gastroscopy on Thursday….by the grace of God…