Tiny Nuggets.

GoldNuggets I don’t have much for you today( sorry) just a few little “nuggets”, so here goes:

– On a blog I read she’s 47 ( like me) and just found out she’s expecting baby # 14. I think I’d die if I had another baby, esp. if it turned out like the 6 YR old. He put me off even considering having any more kids.

– Whenever the kids are sick I have this obsessive fear that when I wake up in the morning I’ll find them dead like I always did with my gerbils when I was a kid. It’s just this irrational worry and fear I have that I can just never shake. It started when they were babies and I was terrified of SIDS( “Crib Death”) and I never got past it.

– I removed the photo the 14 YR old’s friend had put up on the mantel with our kids’ photos(inserting herself into our family) and the next time she comes over if she notices it’s missing and asks why I’ll simply tell her, ” Because you stole from us and in OUR family we don’t steal.” and that’s all I’m going to say about it. My mother doesn’t think I should remove her picture but we all deal with her stealing in our own way and that’s how *I’ve* decided to handle it. She also tries to excuse her stealing as “she’s NOT ‘perfect’ like YOU!” (what she always says whenever I don’t agree with something or am critical) and “EVERYONE makes mistakes!” except I’m NOT perfect and I never said I WAS and this is a BIG mistake; it’s not like it was just some little thing; stealing is breaking one of the Ten Commandments, and 2 things I absolutely WON’T tolerate are lying and stealing(those are deal breakers),and I’m sick of her and my hubby always condoning and  justifying sin and trying to excuse when people do bad things.

– The LDS( “Mormon”) missionaries came by and left a little card in our mailbox which said “I’m a Mormon” on it and the 10 YR old thought it said “I’m a moron!”

– My mother taunts me because I’m the only one in the house that closes the door when I’m in the bathroom so I guess I’m the only one with any decorum, and besides, a little privacy would be nice,but I’m tired of always being picked on all the time for every little thing , for everything I do and say , for every single personality trait I have, and for  good manners and culture I have that the rest of my loser family lacks, as if I’M the one in the wrong.

– My gastroscopy is later today and I’ll write a post on it(and any results I get) tomorrow!