My Valentine’s Day.

VDayTurtles Yesterday Valentine’s Day was uneventful for us and went by pretty well unnoticed. I got a card and a heart-shaped box of Turtles chocolates from my hubby and I made him his usual funny but X-rated card. The 12 YR old said next to Christmas it’s her fave. holiday though and made all these heart decorations she festooned all over her bedroom. The guy’s supposed to come and install our new Internet but so far he hasn’t come yet and we heard some kind of animal( mice, raccoons, or squirrels?) running around in the ceiling in the basement, and my cold’s BAD now and kept me up at night with a runny nose and stuffiness, and my friend L( from grade 10) said she has an ulcer as well and it took MONTHS on antibiotics to heal it but once it went away it was gone for 7 YRS until it returned, and a Facebook friend’s wife had baby # 8 at home but it came so fast the midwife didn’t even make it and HE had to deliver it( just like with their last one!) and the cord was around the neck(just like with our 10th baby) but ended up ok and the baby was giant: 10 pounds 2 oz!

The 14 YR old’s friend also came over and I confronted her about stealing; I told her we know she stole from us(she denied it) and said we expect her to pay the 20$ back, that we treated her like family and she’ll have to work hard at earning our trust back and that we’re really hurt and disappointed and we’ve removed her photo on the mantel with our kids and she’d just so happened to have brought a new frame for her photo and asked her her photo was and my hubby told her she has to earn it back. She was really surprised that we knew and she looked so stunned, like a deer caught in the headlights; she really didn’t see it coming at all and her eyes were practically popping out of her head and her jaw dropped when I was talking to her; she had no idea that we knew. Hopefully now she’ll get her act together… I just don’t get WHY though; why you’d DO that to people who treat you like one of their own kids….It’s too bad too as I really liked her.

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