The Icicle.

IciclesOnOurRoof These are the humongous icicles hanging off our roof! Today’s also Family Day, only one of 2 good things McGuinty did for us( the other was when he resigned) although I wish I could spend it with ANOTHER family(since I hate mine as they treat me like shit) and for HRS yesterday and last night our Internet was down yet AGAIN, and our oldest said how he gets around his Internet provider capping his usage for using too “much” is that he encrypts everything and sends it thru a proxy server in Russia, which would also work well to evade the gov’t too if they’re spying on and monitoring you! He said they all did that in university to get access to blocked sites at the library! I also had a dream when I was feeding the squirrels in the backyard that there was a bear there that attacked me and I had holes in my leg so deep you could shove your finger in all the way down! We’re also worried about our second-oldest who works in Japan: there was a shopping mall collapse in Tokyo over the weekend that killed people and she always goes into Tokyo to shop on the weekends and we’re still trying to get a hold of her…

The 10 YR old seeing my pro-life posting on Facebook also said if people are selfish and don’t want to have kids then why do they even have sex; why not just use dildos,  and my highschool friend who now has a PhD in psychology said it’s disturbing that even when the 14 YR old’s friend knew we still accepted her and gave her another chance  even after stealing from us that she still lied and denied doing it that it’s a bad sign and indicates a deeper psychological disorder; that at that point most people would admit it and apologize. Maybe over time as she has time to think it over she will and pay it back, or perhaps she’ll be so embarrassed and ashamed she’ll just stop coming around on her own accord? In any case, I’m uncomfortable with her around now that she steals and is a bad influence on the kids so if she stops coming around it’ll be for the better. Our oldest is fed up always hearing about the stupid Olympics all the time( like I am) as well and says it takes over half the news and is “so annoying” and all his daily crossword puzzles are all about that too so now he can’t do them anymore and when I did an online survey it showed 60% of people aren’t even watching it,either, and personally I don’t know anyone that is!

The 12 and 14 YR old’s also went to a birthday party only it was a sleepover so they just left early as we don’t allow the kids to go to sleepovers, the 19 YR old’s new nick-name for me now is “Lenny” after the big, lumbering dumb guy from Steinbeck’s novel “Of Mice And Men” and when I poked my head thru the door to talk to him and he didn’t want to be bothered he shut it on me crushing my head and kept closing it on my head harder and harder( until I left) even when I said it hurt,laughing the entire time, and the way he treats me is so hurtful and just breaks my heart. What have I ever done to deserve it? My hubby and I are also going to a new Indian place in a nearby town for a combined anniversary, my late birthday and Valentine’s Day dinner so now my mother’s jealous and insists he takes HER to a buffet, TOO, even though it’s not even a special occasion and we don’t have any$$$$ for extras,  and the 19 YR old snickered that SHE’S the “glue that holds the family together” too as if I’M just an extra useless appendage, like I don’t do anything. It really hurts.

I hate my life.