Lev Tahor.

LevTahor The ultra orthodox Jewish community of Lev Tahor is being oppressed and persecuted in this country. First of all 35 families of 200 people had to suddenly flee across the border from Quebec into Ontario during the night to escape Child Protection workers who were trying to snatch their children simply because they are homeschooling, are religious, and have large families( anywhere from 8-13 kids per family is not uncommon) and these are the 3 kinds of people that the authorities typically target (along with single parents, handicapped kids,the uneducated,and people on welfare and the poor in general) and the Lev Tahor community is all 3! In order to try and “justify” seizing the kids they made up false allegations of “abuse” and “neglect” such as using the excuses they had foot fungus( who hasn’t had Athlete’s foot?) urine soaked beds( ever heard of bed-wetting?) messy houses( I didn’t realize everyone’s a perfect housekeeper) and one child had a “bruise” on their face which turned out to be a magic marker!If they can’t find a good reason they’ll make one up! NO ONE would ever be able to attain their impossibly high standards!You see, in this country anyone who isn’t considered “main stream” and who doesn’t mindlessly follow the herd or allow their kids to be brainwashed and indoctrinated and controlled by the State and it’s Public school system and esp. those who dare to teach their kids religion and/or other cultures(esp. if you homeschool and don’t teach evolution, homosexuality, environmentalism, Political Correctness,etc.) will be singled out and under attack from the authorities. Guaranteed.

Quebec is also the worst when it comes to attacking religious rights and freedoms( and is even trying to pass a law persecuting religion that will effectively ban all outward signs of religion, incl. turbans, hijabs, yarmulkes, crucifix necklaces, etc.) and forbidding it to be taught in schools and is the worst clamping down on homeschooling and seizing kids of homeschoolers and hauling their parents before the courts like common criminals. Now that Lev Tahor has fled to Ontario Child Welfare here has gone to court trying to get the Quebec court order enforced that would see the kids removed, returned to Quebec and sent to foster homes there,and if that fails, to have Children’s Aid here apprehend them ( they are currently awaiting the judge’s ruling) and if that does occur the leader of the group, Rabbi Helbrans, has stated that they will leave the country this time. Good for them! There is no doubt that this is nothing more than religious persecution and attacking homeschoolers. If the Lev Tahor followers want to shut themselves off from the world( like the Amish do; to avoid immorality) then good for them,and that’s their right. If they want to dress differently( they wear all black and the men and boys look Amish and the women and girls shroud themselves and look like Iranian Muslims) that’s their right. They accuse them of being a “cult” because they have strict rules and rituals and are devoutly religious but that’s their right. The gov’t has no business harrassing them and should just leave them alone.They mind their own business, keep to themselves and don’t bother anybody. I hope they win their case but if not then I hope they can get the hell out in time!


As well, my friend M( from grade 10) who married an American 2 YRS ago finally got her “Green Card” approved and is now a legal permanent resident of USA(when they got married they had to decide if he moved here or she moved there…and he didn’t want to move here and who can BLAME him; who WOULD?) and I had a nightmare(that woke me up scared at 3 am) that I found the 10 YR old with a pillow over her face and not breathing and I had to do CPR on her, the 19 YR old surprised me by actually coming to ME for advice( because he knows I know about medical stuff) when he thought he had a blood clot after getting hurt in jiu-jitsu( it was just a bruise) and was also worried why his foot fell asleep and was tingling for so long( I deduced  he had just been sitting on it in the same position for too long and had cut off the circulation) and I saw the funniest thing on TV,too: a Chinese guy living in Jamaica who had a Jamaican accent! One time when I was in the Caribbean I saw a white guy(who was raised there) who had the Caribbean patois which was funny enough but it sounded even funnier coming out of a Chinese guy!

My hubby also got mad and didn’t want ME to have any of the French Fries as we were short( we commonly run out of bread as well; I hate being poor) and HE wanted to hog it ALL for himself  sneering to me, “There’s not enough!”,and snickered to me(just to “get my goat”) “I know you don’t CARE( then WHY did he TELL me?) but Canada won GOLD!”( Olympic hockey) and I replied,”You’re RIGHT;  it’s redneck sports;I DON’T care; it’s on my list of’ Top 3 Things I Don’t GIVE A Shit About’ and of COURSE a redneck country like Canada WOULD win gold at hockey, I would expect no LESS!” He’s in denial and refuses to admit as well that this IS a “have-not” town even though all the schools here( even the highschool) has BOTH a before school( breakfast) AND lunch program where they feed the kids AND they’re pleading for the community every YR to donate gently used formal wear so the kids can go to graduation as they can’t afford to buy suits and gowns. This IS a poor, run-down, going-nowhere redneck town whether he admits it or not; it still doesn’t change anything,and he says there’s poor people everywhere and there IS but the difference is there’s poor * neighbourhoods* but here the entire TOWN is poor and some 75% are on welfare…maybe even more!