My Favourite Singers.

TomPettyTom Petty. Next to Paul McCartney( who I used to love) Tom Petty has been one of my fave. singers for the longest time. Ever since I won a free album of his when I was 13 or 14. I wish I could see him in concert. I had a chance last YR except the tickets cost 200$  each and my hubby said,”No WAY!”

RobbieRobertson Robbie Robertson. I like his unique style of music ever since the mid 1980’s. He’s classic.

GeorgeThorogood(new) George Thorogood. I have seen him live in concert 6 times or so and it never gets old. I would see him again,too. The best in rock ‘n Blues.

SineadOConnor Sinead O’ Connor. I have liked her ever since I was 20 YRS old ever since I first saw her on “Saturday Night Live.” She has such an amazing, soulful voice and the most amazing songs, and she’s bald like me,too!I have always admired her.

LennyKravitzLenny Kravitz. I’ve liked him since the early 90’s and got to see him in concert! I almost did twice before( I had the tickets) but they got cancelled: first when his mother died and second he was sick( I think he had pneumonia) but the third time around I finally got to see him!

AliceCooper(new) Alice Cooper. I ‘ve liked him ever since I was a teen in the 1980’s.My hubby and kids got to actually SEE him( and got a photo for me,too!) at the Fan Expo last summer!

BMSmile Bob Marley! THE King of Reggae. An old friend of mine( who’s a few YRS older than me) actually got to see him in concert awhile before he died. This guy was the best. He’s a legend. He endures forever.What else can I say? I have his calender up on my wall.

BillyIdol(new) Billy Idol. I liked him ever since I was a teen and his “Eyes Without A Face” is still my fave. song and brings back happy memories.

EddyGrant Eddy Grant. Old school. I liked him back in the day, in the 1980’s(and still do) I can listen to him over and over.