Jalopy Overhaul.

Jalopy I have decided to get the old run down jalopy fixed, taken in for repair. That is, I’m so fed up with not being able to see or hear well that I’ve decided to go and get my eyes and hearing checked, get glasses, and look into seeing if my hubby’s employee insurance covers hearing aids.(I know they cover glasses) I’m also going to ask the neurologist when I see him in May for my annual check up if he can refer me to a psychiatrist to get checked for bipolar disorder. Things are getting worse and I need to go into the shop and get an overhaul. Hopefully these are things that I can do to help improve my quality of life a bit. My hearing has deteriorated so badly that I can’t even hear the phone or the doorbell anymore now and I’m only 47. My mother says she doesn’t see or hear well either but she’s in her 70’s; that’s a big difference; I shouldn’t be declining this much quite yet! She’s not too enthused about my “make-over”, however, and snickered it will be like last time when I tried glasses( which was like 20 YRS ago) where I wore them for awhile and then took them off and never put them on again because they hurt my eyes and gave me headaches. Yeah, thanx for the “support” but I’d expect nothing less from her.She never supports anything I do or shares in my enthusiasm or hopes for self-improvement.

As well, I still have ulcer pain every day only now it’s getting worse and I’ve lost 6 pounds but when we called the doc’s office to see if I could either increase my meds dose or try something else they just said to tell her when I see her in mid-April so I just have to suffer until then, and my hubby said we should have the 19 YR old go to the Royal Military College as it’s free, he’ll get training in a skill and a degree and be hired, and the 14 YR old’s friend did come over,afterall, even though I thought after I’d confronted her for stealing she wouldn’t be back so we just hid $$$$ where it wouldn’t be visible, and I heard helicopters flying low on our street last night so I wonder if it was the police looking for an escaped bad guy on the run, either running thru people’s yards or for a car on the roads as it would be too late and too dark for it to be military helicopters or search and rescue…

I also heard on the news a restaurant owner was found guilty of assault for hitting a robber with a broom and tossing spices in his face while robbing him(so you’re not even allowed to defend yourself now; what do they expect you to DO; just stand there and let yourself be robbed?) so once again the criminals have  all the rights and the victims have no rights; there is NO justice in this piece of shit country, gas here is going up to 1.40$ a liter soon as well as if things don’t cost enough here already, and we get our new Internet provider installing the service later this week so we might be without Internet for 1-2 days while we’re in-between, a car dealer called us offering to buy our van as the model is in short supply which is rare; usually one GOES to a car dealer to BUY a car, the car dealer doesn’t come asking YOU to buy YOUR car,and our oldest is going to Montreal this week for a conference for work and they’re flying him there FIRST CLASS and he said it’s really cold where he is,too: -33 C!