The Tournament.

jiujitsu  The jiu-jitsu tournament went well! There were 700 competitors from all over and the 16 YR old won a gold medal and the 19 YR old won a silver even though it was their very first tournament and I didn’t even expect them to win; just to gain experience and have fun! The 16 YR old had 2 opponents and the 19 YR old had 4. They had to sign a waiver beforehand that they “wouldn’t execute the referee” which we thought was funny and gave us a good laugh, and the 16 YR old’s opponent( who’s the same age; they’re matched up by age/ skill level and weight class) had a bad head injury which ended up to be brain bleed; he was sleepy, had a headache and his pupils were uneven and didn’t  react to light when the medic checked him so he went to the hospital and they said he’ll need to have surgery! Shit! This is the exact same kind of thing I always worry about; that they’re going to get hurt; come back with a broken arm or leg….or even worse!

As well, they said for the March Break Cadets trip to USA it would normally cost 6000$ for the week but they only have to pay 50$ each and they had to sign a waiver,too, saying that if they died we wouldn’t sue the gov’t, likely worried they might get shot with all the gun loonies over  there, and the 14 YR old’s friend’s “mom” came by asking us if she was over yesterday, so I guess she didn’t know and she was grounded or something and wasn’t allowed over and just snuck out and came over,it snowed again and is still cold but in Saskatchewan it was – 55 C, and a woman( who’s also ironically a doctor) with  7 or 8 kids  who’s blog I read who’s had cancer for 5 YRS and it’s now stage 4 is in bad shape and it doesn’t look like she’s got too much time left made me think that if I ever do I’m not going to get chemo; she does and look what “good” it did for her; it’s only made her sick as a dog, miserable, gives her panic attacks and PTSD, etc.; she can’t do anything and she really struggles with it; the cure’s worse than the disease…..and after all that you still just end up dying in the end ,anyway, so what’s the point? I’d rather just enjoy what time I DO have left….

I’m also in an online debate with an old friend of mine from highschool (who’s now a PhD in psychology): he says a schizophrenic who brutally killed a guy( he cut off his head,ears, and other parts and cannibalized him) a few YRS ago should now be allowed out in public on unsupervised visits as he’s doing well on his meds and it was the disease that was responsible,not him, and he shouldn’t be punished for it the rest of his life and that schizophrenia is punishment enough but *I* think anyone who commits such a heinous murder should be locked up for the rest of their life( either prison or mental hospital) regardless of the reason as they should still be held accountable for their actions, the victims deserve justice, and public safety should come first, before the killer’s rights,and who’s to say that he won’t do it again when he’s already proven what he’s capable of, and maybe he’s fooling everyone into just THINKING he’s ok( he’s insane afterall, not stupid) just so they LET him out unsupervised so that he can kill again; how do they know the urge to kill really is gone? I don’t think it’s worth the risk   and ALL killers have reasons why they kill: they’re insane, they were  high on drugs, they had terrible childhoods, their parents didn’t love them, they were abused, they were bullied, they didn’t fit in, they grew up disadvantaged, no one understands them, society turned it’s back on them,etc. but it still doesn’t *excuse* what they did and they should still be responsible for their crimes and be locked up and society should be kept safe from violent offenders and the criminally insane, regardless. I have 2 friends with schizophrenia so I know how frightening, and isolating the disease is and how it’s like being on a bad LSD trip(hallucinations, voices,etc.) and although it’s unfortunate this poor fellow is saddled with it I still can’t feel “sorry” for someone who so gruesomely and violently killed an innocent man unprovoked.